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Z-Matrix By Evlution Nutrition Review | Side Effects | Testosterone Benefits | Ingredients

z matrix evlution nutrition review side effects dosage ingredients

If you’re looking to have a deeper sleep, lose fat, and gain muscle fast, you’ve come to the right place. Z-Matrix By Evlution Nutrition is a supplement that claims to do just that – boost your testosterone levels and help you sleep like a baby.

Here in our review, we’ll reveal if this is actually true, along with other important information. Such as side effects, benefits on your testosterone levels, ingredients, and more.

Let’s examine this product closely and see if it’s the right one for you!

About Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition

Z-Matrix is made by a reputable supplement company Evlution Nutrition. I’ve used some of their products in the past, and my results varied. Some were good, some were a total waste of money!

When it comes to Z-Matrix, Evlution Nutrition labels it as a “Nighttime Peformance Recovery” enhancer. Basically, this is a half-testosterone booster, half-sleep aid.

Its main benefits include;

  • Supports deep sleep
  • Enhances recovery from workouts
  • Promotes muscle strength and growth

So as you can see, these are some quite impressive claims. We’ll find out if this is actually true soon, when we look at the usage and ingredients of the product.

How to use Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition

Evlution Nutrition have decided for a simple way of using Z-Matrix. Here’s how you take the product;

  • 4 capsules 30-60 minutes before bedtime

That sounds simple, but is it really the best way to take a testosterone booster? The answer is: no, it’s not.

Because it only has 1 serving, you can expect a few hours of elevated testosterone – at best. If you want to keep your T-levels high throughout the day and night, then consider taking a product which has 3 or more servings per day.

Sure, having more servings might not be as simple as having a few pills before sleep. But more servings is actually better because your testosterone will stay elevated for much longer. Making you lose weight and gain muscle faster.

What is the price of Z-Matrix?

One bottle of Z-Matrix, which has 120 capsules, costs $15. So if you’re following the use-instructions, Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition will last you 30 days.

This is a very good move by Evlution Nutrition. At such an attractive price range, they’ve made Z-Matrix affordable for everyone. Again, good job!

Z-Matrix ingredients

It’s good to see that all of Z-Matrix’s ingredients and their doses are disclosed. Evlution Nutrition have said NO to proprietary blends, and we like that policy!

Another big plus is that all of Z-Matrix’s main ingredients are natural. Which is always good, you want to avoid putting chemicals in your body.

However, there are also some things we don’t like about Z-Matrix. Most of the ingredients aren’t really that effective at boosting testosterone. The ones that are actually good, come in low doses, putting the effectiveness of Z-Matrix into question.

Let’s take a look:

Magnesium Aspartate

An essential mineral, Magnesium plays a key role in many of our bodily functions. Including muscle, heart, and nerve functioning. This ingredient is good for anyone who’s deficient in it, as it will make you sleep better and give you more energy in the gym. Overall, a solid ingredient in a testosterone booster.


Another key mineral which regulates many enzymes in your body. Regulates immune function and keeps your testosterone levels at balance. However, taking zinc will only affect your testosterone if you’re deficient in this mineral.

Folic Acid

One of the essential B-vitamins, Folic Acid plays a role in natural protein synthesis in our body. However, it won’t have an impact unless you’re deficient in it. Which is highly unlikely, as folic acid is found in many foods.

Vitamin D3

Now this is a big one. Vitamin D3 is a key player when it comes to regulating testosterone. It’s synthesized by our skin when exposed to the sun. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get enough daily sunlight, making it extremely important to get Vitamin D3 through supplementation.

I was disappointed to see that Z-Matrix only has 500IU of Vitamin D3 per serving. Research shows that the minimum dose for boosting testosterone is 3332IU of D3 daily – much more than what you’d find in Z-Matrix.

Vitamin B6

Just like folic acid, Vitamin B6 won’t affect your T-levels if you’re eating a diet rich in vegetables and animal products. In fact, taking too much of this vitamin has shown to cause side effects, such as nausea and headaches.


Naturally found in green tea, L-Theanine helps you stay relaxed and achieve deep sleep. A great addition for any sleep-enhancer. But for a testosterone booster, not so much – it doesn’t have any effect on your hormone levels.


This is basically a black pepper extract. It doesn’t have any T-boosting properties, but it does improve the bioavailability of other ingredients in Z-Matrix. Meaning, your body will absorb these ingredients more efficiently.

Customer Reviews

Some people praise Z-Matrix for its ability to help them sleep better. But when it comes to boosting testosterone, I’m yet to find a single positive review on it. Let’s take a look at some of the comments from users:

“This stuff makes me feeling like I spent the previous night drinking tequila. I feel hungover and groggy the next morning. I cant return it for a refund either. I tried take half a serving (2 pills) and that didnt help.”JayMack

“This product is amazing. I usually have problem sleeping, but when I take this supplement I fall asleep way easier than without.”Nerazzurri

“I took these for about 5 days and was completely miserable while on them. Day 3 I started getting headaches that lasted all day. Day 4 insomnia set in along with the pounding headache. After getting a 4 hour night of sleep I quit them on day 5. I was feeling a little more normal 24 hours afterwards. One of the worst experiences I’ve had on a supplement. Evl didn’t respond when I reached out to them.”Albert

Side effects of Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition

As it contains natural ingredients in controlled dosages, Z-Matrix is a fairly safe product.

However, there are some people who reported negative side effects from taking this supplement. Ironically, one of these side effects included sleeplessness.

Other side effects mentioned were;

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia during day and night
  • Nausea

Some of these symptoms could be due to a high dose of zinc, which has 200% of daily value per serving. I’d suggest taking this product with a meal, as zinc can be quite unsettling when taken on an empty stomach.

Avoid these side effects! 

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Pros and cons of  Z-Matrix


  • All ingredients and their respective dosages disclosed
  • Easy to take
  • Enhances the quality of sleep


  • Missing important T-boosting ingredients (DAA, Fenugreek Extract, Oyster, etc.)
  • Only 500IU of Vitamin D3, not enough to have any impact on testosterone
  • Reported side effects (Insomnia, Headaches, Nausea)

Conclusion to Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition

We can see what Evlution Nutrition have tried with their Z-Matrix hybrid formula. They tried to offer you a solution to enhance sleep while also promoting testosterone levels. However, they have failed at achieving the latter.

The one thing Evlution Nutrition can help you with is your sleep. Containing magnesium, zinc, and L-theanine, it can help you relax and maybe get an hour of two of extra sleep. But when it comes to boosting testosterone, this is where this product fails to deliver.

At the end of the day, here’s our opinion on Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition: This is a solid product for helping you sleep better. Anything more than that, not so much.

Therefore, if you’re really serious about boosting testosterone, I’d suggest checking our Top 3 testosterone booster page. There you’ll find all the information needed to start your transformation towards a stronger, healthier, and more confident self.

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