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Xellerate Testosterone Booster For Men Review | Is It Strong Enough?

Xellerate Testosterone Booster Ingredients main featured image showing bottle

Xellerate Testosterone Booster is a great looking supplement that’s sold through Amazon. I’ve tried looking for a main retailer website, but they don’t seem to list it anywhere else.

Xellerate claims this testosterone booster does the following:

  • Boosts testosterone for men
  • Helps promote more energy
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Improves sex drive

About Xellerate Testosterone Booster:

Xellerate Testosterone Booster  is a natural test boost that has a variety of ingredients that are suited to increasing your testosterone levels.

However, looking deeper into the amount of ingredients that are inside this supplement.

It’s clear to see that it may not work to the extent that you are possible looking for.

Why is this?

It’s main ingredient are low in dosage, while at the same time, it has some ingredient that may not be totally beneficial for natural testosterone production.

Main Ingredients:

Xellerate Testosterone Booster Ingredients List

vitamin D

No surprise here with this one. Vitamin d controls hormone and energy production in men.

It’s one of the most important ingredient out there for natural testosterone production. However, its dosage is a little weak at only 4ug.

D-asparic acid 

Another great ingredient which is an( amino acid) helps to regulate testosterone synthesis and could act on a simulator receptor improving overall testosterone production.


This nootropic ingredient helps to create a stimulating type of effect, along with a feeling of calm.

It’s also in the region of being an adaptogen, helping to improve brain function a performance.

Folic acid 

Folic acid helps the body break use and create new proteins within the body for energy and the creation of new cell growth.

It also helps create red blood cells, while supporting DNA.

It also helps to create normal hormone production in the body helping you to cut estrogens and increase testosterone.

INGREDIENTS SUMMARY! Comparing it to other higher strength testosterone boosters for men, it looks as though Xellerate Testosterone Booster has opted for more of a nootropic effect, along with an ingredient called Co Enzyme Q10.

This works to improve low sperm count, reduce migraines, and blood pressure. However, there is not direct link to this ingredient supporting natural testosterone production on a larger scale.

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Suggested Use:

As previously mentioned, the strength of this testosterone booster is low compared to other supplements, especially when looking at their dosage suggestions.

Xellerate Testosterone Booster recommends taking 2 capsules a day. While this isn’t a bad dosage, I personally would like to see a little more for my money.


Expect to feel alert, like you’ve take a caffeine supplements. That’s bacause this testosterone booster contains a large dosage a Maca Root at 2000mg – closely linked to a nootropic stimulant.

Maca Root has also been reported to stimulate sexual desire, and temporarily boost sexual function.

But, it DOES NOT directly increase levels of ‘free testosterone’ within the body.

To recap; expect to get hard, and feel a stronger sexual desire, but bear in mind, this is not a direct link to improved testosterone production – it acts more like a temporary stimulant.

Conclusions of:

Xellerate Testosterone Booster

Well guys, here we have it, it’s not a bad testosterone boosters, however, it’s not quite up to the standards I would recommend.

Looking through its ingredients, and where it comes from, I would say it’s a strong contender when it comes to natura; testosterone boosting.

However, even though the ingredients are good, and natural – they are weak.

For example, Testo Fuel has 2300mg of D-Aspartic Acid. Where this Testosterone Booster by Xellerate has only 820mg.

So, with that said and done, I cannot say it’s going to be worth the money. If you are looking for something more serious, I would highly recommend reading my personal review of Testo Fuel instead and see what happened after I supplemented after only 1 month.

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    1. Hi James. thanks for getting in touch. I’v had a lot of positive results from using supplements form using testosterone boosters. My strength went up, I recovered faster, and I have more energy. If you’re not sure about which test booster you want hit me up an DM and I’ll be happy to help you out. Likewise if you need any advice on training, I’m happy to help, just let me know and I’ll hook you up!

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