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Weight Loss Control For Men Review

Weight Loss Control For MEN Review

Weight Loss Control For MEN ReviewWeight Loss Control For Men is under the microscope today.

Let’s get straight into t and see if this fat burner is all that’s it”s claimed to be.

Benefits of Weight Loss Control For Men:

  • Boosted energy
  • educed appetite

Weight Loss Control For Men Review

Weight Loss Control For Men is a fat burner that’s designed to give you a boost of energy, and promote fat loss through it’s natural and safe ingredients.

However, one thing that I know you’re asking yourself is, “is Weight Loss Control For Men fat burner right for me… and will it work?” 

Good news for you guys, here I’ll uncover everything you need to know about how it works.

Following on form that question. let’s get into it and see if it’s right for you…

But first, a little about the company:

Aforma Bioresearch, the makers of Weight Loss Control For Men is a fairly small company that produce other health and weight loss supplements, but not much else is known about who there are, or when they a started.

They sell testosterone boosters, fat burners, and vitamins. And after searching for their website, it was currently down and under construction, so there’s little to report.

Who is Weight Loss Control For Men For?

Weight Loss Control For Men is targeted towards men who want to tone up and lose extra weight

However, after looking a little deeper into their ingredients, I can see that it may not help towards a large amount of fat loss, but it will give you a good amount of ‘clean‘ energy.

IMPORTANT: This fat burner contains a proprietary blend of ingredients. Meaning, you’ll never know how much of each ingredient you’ll be taking.

A proprietary blend of ingredients is a group of ingredients that have been mixed together without any measurement involved.

I’ll get into the ingredients a little more later in this review, but for now, let’s summaries what the fat burner does:

It works to increase the metabolism by using stimulants, which also work at the same time to suppress your appetite.

Okay, with the brief overview done, it’s time to look into each ingredient a little close and how they work.

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Main ingredients

Weight Loss Control For MEN Review Ingredients

Ingredients Summary

Okay guys, in the section we’ll run through the main ingredients inside Weight Loss Control For Men, and how they work to promote fat loss.

Without delay, let’s get into it!

1.Garcinia Cambogia has been said to block the body’s ability to make fat, and it also reduces your appetite, but little research has been done to prove this.

2.Apple Cider Vinegar is a great detox-ant, as it cleanses the body of unwanted bi-products of food etc., but it has not huge benefit towards fat loss other that promoting a healthy body.

2.Yeaba Mate is a well known drink in south america that is similar to green tea, but us much stronger. It works to boost your energy levels, and possibly your metabolism.

There you have it guys, a full list of the main ingredients inside this Weight Loss Control For Men review.

Not a lot of ingredients I know compared to others, that’s why it’s priced much lower than other premium supplements that are proven to work.

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Ingredients Under The Microscope

Overall, it’s not a bad supplement, but don’t expect a lot of results with Weight Loss Control For Men.

You’ll feel a boost from the caffeine content, and perhaps feel slightly healthier from the apple cider vinegar, but as for fat loss, it’s not that powerful.

It’s okay, but it’s not the best.

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Other Ingredients

As there’s no other ingredients listed here in Weight Loss Control For Men that we haven’t already covered, it’s worth pointing out again that it contains a propriety blend of ingredient.

The reason for this is you will never actually know what’s inside each capsule of each ingredient, whether that’s good or bad.

So bear in mind that if there isn’t much knowledge of the company, and the way they product this fat burner, then approach with caution.


As there is no actual dosage instructions on their website (which doesn’t exist) or anywhere else online.

It’s safe to assume that you need to only take 1 capsule per day, and access your tolerance, upping the dosage if you are in good health and supported by your doctor.


It costs $7.97 for 60 capsules on but! The shipping is a whopping $22.50.

Making it a total of $30.47 for only 3 ingredients – in my opinion, that’s expensive for not a lot of fat loss ingredients.

Pros & Cons


  • Contains Yerba Mate
  • Safe to use


  • Expensive including postage
  • Not enough known about the company
  • Not enough fat loss ingredients

Side Effects

Not many side effects have been linked to this fat burner, or it’s ingredients. However;

As it is made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients from a company that is almost non-existent like a ghost, I would highly recommend approaching this fat burner with caution.

If you were to experience any side effects, they could be nausea, dizziness, and headaches etc.

Conclusion | Weight Loss Control For Men

Well guys, probably not the best fat burner for men we have ever seen, but it’s okay in terms over a healthy supplement.

I occasionally use Yerba Mate when I need a good pick-me-up, but as for the rest of the ingredients, they haven’t served any use to me in the past, and probably wont in the future either.

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After all of this, I’d love to hear your thoughts…have you taken Weight Loss Control For Men, and what were your results?

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