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UWL PhenterMaxx Phenylethylamine Review

I’m going to start this UWL PhenterMaxx product review off with a rant: never trust a company that tries to use a banned substance’s name in a supplement name to try and swindle the user into thinking that their product is somehow as effective as the banned substance.

You see this kind of thing a lot with products that sound like ECA, Clenbuterol, or Phentermine.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m sure you know where I’m going to start with UWL PhenterMaxx. It’s a shady tactic by UWL to make you think this product is remotely related to Phentermine, a fat loss ingredient that worked great but was banned from the market.

This product will not work as well, period! Shame on you UWL…

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About UWL PhenterMaxx

4 capsules of PhenterMaxx are to be taken daily. 60 capsules are in each bottle, so you are looking at 15 days worth of product.

For one bottle, you are looking to spend around $60, which is just ridiculous.

I have nothing good to say about this product honestly…the price, the fat loss potential of the ingredient, and the fact that they try and dupe the user into thinking it’s as effective as Phentermine are all red flags!

Main ingredients

Ingredients Summary…

PhenterMaxx contains Phenylethylamine!

I’m going to keep it short and sweet: it doesn’t help fat loss. You’d think that UWL would at least try to throw an ingredient in here that can help a little bit, since they claim it’s a great replacement for Phentermine.

Phentermine was a popular ingredients years ago when it was paired with Fenfluramine to create Fen-Phen.

Fenfluramine was found to be bad for your health, so the product was taken off the market. Phentermine was never found to cause any harmful side effects, although it is no longer available for purchase in supplements.

Honestly, I think they just chose and ingredient that started with the letter P and called it a day…they didn’t even try to come up with something that could rival Phentermine.

The main use for PEA is usually mood elevation. If you want to use this ingredient for those purposes, you can find it much cheaper from other brands.

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Pros & Cons


  • None


  • It’s Not Effective
  • This Company Uses Shady Tactics To Entice Users

Side Effects

No results would be the largest side effect. Also seen with PhenterMaxx would be a lighter wallet!

Conclusion To UWL PhenterMaxx Review

UWL PhenterMaxx is low in quality and high in price. UWL tries to trick you into thinking this product is as good as the banned Phentermine.

It’s not…it’s not even as good as a $3 bottle of Caffeine pills! Purchase something else because PhenterMaxx is a disappointment all around!

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