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Tribulus Terrestris Bodybuilding.com Review | Benefits | Side Effects

Here we have Tribulus Terrestris testosterone booster by Bodybuilding.com up for inspection. Having only one ingredient, it brings many questions, such as “Will it boost my testosterone levels?”

We’ll find out the answer to these questions soon, along with its possible side effects, benefits, and more. Let’s dive right into the review!

About Tribulus Terrestris

The Tribulus Terrestris supplement we’re reviewing today is manufactured by Bodybuilding.com. They’re known for their wide range of supplements – some of them are good, and some, like Tribulus Terrestris, not so much.

This product claims to give you the following benefits;

  • Promote the natural production of testosterone
  • Increase strength and lean muscle mass

The problem is, we don’t see how this product will give you these benefits. Having only one ingredient with little evidence behind it, it will be a tough job for this supplement to deliver on this claims.

How to use Tribulus Terrestris

First off, there is only 1 serving a day in Tribulus Terrestris testosterone booster. Right off the bat, we can tell this is a problem. If you’re familiar with my other articles, you know how important it is for a testosterone booster to have at least 3 servings per day.

Basically, you take 2 capsules of Tribulus Terrestris with a meal, and you’re done. However, you know that saying, “it sounds too good to be true.” Well, it’s a perfect description of Tribulus Terrestris dosage – it has too few servings to give you any sustained benefits.

Tribulus Terrestris ingredients

As the name suggests, Tribulus Terrestris is a one-ingredient testosterone booster. This is a disappointing show by Bodybuilding.com and their product – one ingredient simply isn’t enough to affect T-levels significantly by itself. But this isn’t the worst part.

You see, there are many myths surrounding Tribulus Terrestris and it’s time to shed some light on this topic. If your main goal is to boost low testosterone, then Tribulus Terrestris is not what you’re looking for.

We haven’t come across a single clinical study which has proven the effectiveness of Tribulus Terrestris on elevating testosterone. In fact, it failed almost every clinical study it has been a part of. See more here; Study1, Study2, Study 3

The only time Tribulus Terrestris worked at boosting testosterone was in a study with men that had a low sperm count. But even then, the increase in testosterone was so small that it was almost the same as having no results at all.

And the worst part – these men were supplemented with 6 grams of Tribulus Terrestris a day; almost 5 times more than what you’d find in this supplement.

The only area where taking TT could benefit you is libido, but the studies are inconclusive and need more evidence to prove this.

Customer Reviews

As you’d expect, most user reviews on Tribulus Terrestris were negative. This is because of the poor results this supplement delivers, and its lack of effective ingredients.

“Found difficult to swallow, they would often get stuck in my throat even with chugging a glass of water. I also didn’t notice a huge boost like other products I have tried.”willc91

“I wanted to add a testosterone boost in my diet so I could shed some weight but it didn’t really help with anything so I’m rating a 2.” – sebastiansavann

Side effects of Tribulus Terrestris

We haven’t come across any reported negative side effects from users taking Tribulus Terrestris.

That said, I’d still suggest not to take more than the recommended dose, just to be safe.

Looking for a safer alternative? 

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Pros and cons of  Tribulus Terrestris


  • No reported negative side effects


  • Only 1 ingredient
  • Tribulus Terrestris hasn’t been proven to notably raise testosterone
  • Missing key T-boosting ingredients (DAA, Zinc, D3, Oyster, Fenugreek, etc.)
  • Only 1 serving per day

Conclusion to Tribulus Terrestris

If you’re looking to elevate your testosterone levels, Tribulus Terrestris is not the product you should be taking. There are several reasons for that.

First off, this product only has 1 ingredient. With such an incomplete nutrient profile, there are very little benefits you can reap from this testosterone booster.

Secondly, it has only 1 serving per day, which is not enough to keep your body supplied with nutrients that will benefit your testosterone.

Lastly, Tribulus Terrestris doesn’t look promising for boosting low testosterone. We haven’t come across a single study which shows a significant boost in testosterone from taking TT.

If you’re serious about getting results, then you should take supplements with ingredients that are proven to be effective and safe. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, these supplements can give you that jacked physique and make feel like you’re 17 again.

And the best part of it all? They are legal, natural, and 100% safe – we haven’t seen anything better for boosting low testosterone so far.

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