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Thermopure By MyProtein Review

With even more fat burners on the market claiming to be the “miracle” for fat loss. There’s more pressure on supplement companies to produce quality products that meet up to today’s highly informed standards of the public. 

10530152-1674375669040880-1One fat burner, that claims to be one of the best thermogenic’s has taken center stage recently. 

The world renowned company MyProtein has produced what could be, a good contender against others on teh market. 

Fat burners work either by increasing adrenaline which makes the heart pump blood around the body faster while the body is at rest.

But, there is also an important factor, which is thermogenic. This could be the “key” for fat loss. 

It does contain some useful ingredients, but I’m skeptical to believe that the dosages are correct, along with the actual ingredients. 

My Protein says that “Thermopure is ideal for anyone looking for a blend of key nutrients and minerals in an easy-to-consume capsule.” 

BUT they don’t offer a refund policy. Another reason that makes me think that the company doesn’t trust in their product. 

That being said, it’s still worth a look! 

Let’s have a closer look and see if this is the right fat burner for you. 

Benefits of Thermopure

Thermopure reportedly has three key benefits – These are: 

  • Hormone Production: Has vitamins B12 and B6. This is great for hormones and keeping the body working correctly, but vitamins can be bought anywhere. 
  • Energy Boost: Contains 150mg of caffeine per serving. This will be like taking 3 cups of coffee at once
  • Elevated Mood: Helps with tiredness and fatigue. This is the caffeine giving the added kick. But again, why not just drink coffee? 

It’s looking like Thermopure could be very useful for helping increase the adrenaline levels which could help towards fat loss by stimulating the body to burn more calories. 

“Over stimulation can cause a massive burnout, especially if you’re working out, as the body will be under extra stress.”

Thermogenic is the key we are looking for. By increasing the heat within the body will help us to burn extra fat in the safest way possible for the longest period, avoiding the awful burnt out feeling from too much caffeine. 

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A Closer Look – What’s Inside

Vitamin B6 – B vitamins can be hugely important for obtaining weight loss. It helps to convert glycogen to glucose. B6 also increases energy levels naturally in the body. 

Vitamin B12 – All B vitamins, especially B12, helps to control the metabolic rate of cells, the fatty acids that are used for energy and amino acid utilization. By controlling the metabolic rate of cells, fatty acids, and amino acid utilization. All important factors for weight loss. 

Chromium – Mainly used for helping to suppress the appetite. It can be found in vegetables like broccoli. Chromium is a great help if you’re looking to lose weight, but it won’t create a thermogenic effect, which is something that we need for fat loss. 

Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Extract is one of the main if not the biggest players in the fat loss world. It’s full of catechins which are great for releasing a thermogenic boost throughout the body. It helps to break down fatty acids and use them for energy. It also increases the metabolism, helping to burn more fat. 

L-Tyrosine – This amino acid helps to raise the mental alertness. It can be found in meats and can also help to reduce appetite. 

Caffeine – This will no doubt gave you a mental and energized boost. It can also raise the metabolism to help with fat loss. 

L-Theanine – Mainly used as a tool for sharper thinking and quicker reactions, which is great if you’re lagging, but it won’t necessarily increase the body’s metabolism or create a thermogenic effect for fat loss. 

Cayenne Powder – This is what we like to see. Cayenne powder is a natural ingredient that will increase the body’s metabolism to help burn fat in a safe way for a longer period of time. 

Black Pepper Extract – Another all natural ingredient, looks like they are starting to get the idea now. Black pepper extract will also help to increase the body’s temperature and aid in the burning of more calories while at rest. 

Side Effects?

Some reports and reviews have come back stating insomnia and diarrhea, this may be to do with the excess caffeine and L-Tyrosine. As they don’t state when to take the supplement, it makes it difficult to know what the best times to take it are. 

This could just be an advertising error by MyProtein, not clearly stating how to take it, the best time and with what training schedule. This lack of information makes me feel a little uneasy about the supplement as a whole. 

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  • MyProtein uses safe ingredients, which we are all in favor of. Some that I actually recommend in my best ingredients page. 
  • They deliver internationally, so that’s great in you’re in Europe or in the USA. 


  • No money back guarantee.  
  • Lacking some ingredients that it would benefit from. 
  • Vague instructions as of when to take the supplement. 
  • They don’t make solid claims to be a fat burner, leaves a lot of room for inspection and speculation to its actual use. 

How To Use

It’s advised to consume 3 capsules daily. They are best taken on an empty stomach before exercise. When taking on non-exercise days, consume 1 capsule in the morning, afternoon and evening. 

It’s always a good idea not to take any fat burners containing caffeine in after 5pm to avoid losing any sleep. 

Where Can I Buy It?

Yo can buy Thermopure from 

How Much Does It Cost?

Thermopure costs $18.24 USD for 90 capsuls

My Verdict

All in all, Thermopure is looking to be one of my favorite fat burners alongside InstankKnockout, which is in Our Top 3 fat burners of all time. It’s natural ingredients with the added benefit of green tea and concentrated for of caffeine, will certainly help some users with their fat loss goals. 

BUT! MyProtein doesn’t clearly state how to use their supplement, and fail to list their total key benefits. It makes me wonder if they actually know the science behind fat burning and the thermogenic effect that needs to take place for ultimate fat loss. 

Ther could be more of certain ingredients that would help to give “more bang for its buck” that don’t appear in this supposed fat burner. Such as green coffee powder, Zinc which is massively important for strength and testosterone, and green coffee extract. Which are all important ingredients that I’de like to see more of for natural fat burning. 

It’s not a bad supplement, but, there are other fat burners on the market that work better. 

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