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Testosterone Male Vitamins & Mineral Complex Review // Does it work?

Testosterone Male Vitamins & Mineral Complex by Earth Designs has some very useful ingredients that are those similar to my favourite testosterone booster Testo Fuel.

Going back to my story of using a testo booster, it started because I was diagnosed with low vitamin D levels, and low and behold, my doctor told me to supplement with a quality vitamin.

After one year of taking the standard vitamin D, my results came back the same. That’s when I went all out and bought a quality testosterone booster.

Feeling like a new man

After 1 month of taking a testosterone booster for the first time in my life, I felt like a new man. That’s why I can say from first hand experience; choosing the right testosterone booster for you can make you feel like your old self again.

As for this supplement ‘Testosterone Male Vitamins & Mineral Complex’ I agree with the ingredients they use, but one things that does strike me as weird is; it’s a low serving, and doesn’t contain a large dosage compared to other trusted testosterone boosters.

But with all said and done, it could be perfect for some guys.


The ingredients found in Testosterone Male Vitamins & Mineral Complex are;

Core ingredients:

N-acetyl L-cysteine 200mg;

N-acetyl L-cysteine works great to detoxify the liver and kidneys, but has not direct link to boosting testosterone.

Magnesium Oxide 40mg;

Directly linked to improving the normal function of nerve cells, along with stimulating testosterone when combined with zinc.

Zinc gluconate 3.35mg;

Wildly known to improve levels of testosterone and sperm plasma in men.

Selenium 75mg;

Many studies show the importance of Selenium for healthy heart, and preventing heart disease, but no direct link has been found to improving low testosterone levels.

vitamin D3 667 IU;

The sunshine vitamin is one of the most powerful ingredients that is directly linked to improving testosterone in men.

A supplementation of 3000 IU all-year-round of vitamin D3 is needed to increase low testosterone levels.

vitamin B6 3.5mg;

B vitamins are known to improve the absorption of food, and nutrients into the body, along with regulating hormones in both men, and women.

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Suggested Use:

I always wonder how reliable a supplement is when the company suggest two options such as this.

If I’m taking a testosterone booster, I put my trust in the supplement, and the manufacture to guide me all the way, not only half of the way.

My point is; suggesting that you ‘could‘ take one or two is not enough guidance.


As we’re all different, with different needs, some of you may only want low testosterone boosters that will only have a mild effect on your testosterone levels.

This can be said for Testosterone Male Vitamins & Mineral Complex, as it’s ingredients are slightly weaker than other testosterone booster.

In my opinion, if you’re going to take a testosterone booster, I’d make sure it’s a good one that will give you the stimulation you need.

Taking this testosterone booster, you may experience the following:

  • Slight raise in energy from vitamin D3, and B6
  • Improved performance from zinc and magnesium
  • Detoxifying effect from N-acetyl L-cysteine (no real benefit for stimulating testosterone)


Without going too deep into the science of things, I can see that Earth Designs have gone for a ‘healing’ approach and not the testosterone boosting one.

The low-level of vitamin D make me question its effectiveness. Along with other crucial ingredients like oyster extract, and or D-Asparic Acid which are not present; makes me wonder if this is nothing more that a glorified vitamin supplement.

Actually, that’s all it is, a standard vitamin supplement and not a serious testosterone booster.

If your goals are to feel healthier and increase your vitamin D levels, then this might work for you, but if you want to dramatically improve your strength, power, and vitality. I would look for a quality testosterone booster like Testo Fuel.

Conclusion of:

Testosterone Male Vitamins & Mineral Complex

Testosterone boosters contain a large variety of natural ingredients which improve testosterone levels. However, some contain ingredients that are of no benefit; such as N-acetyl L-cysteine which is found in Testosterone Male Vitamins & Mineral Complex. 

My advice would be to seek your doctor’s opinion, then once you’re sure you need to boost your testosterone with a quality, strong, and natural testo booster, I would look at something more high-grade.

Overall, it’s not a bad vitamin/supplement. But, if I wanted smaller doses of the vitamins found in this testosterone booster, I could easily use a standard multi vitamin and get the same results.

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