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T5 Raspberry Keytone Serum Review

T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum bottles fat burner supplement

T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum – a sublingual supplement that promises fat burning potential. The bottle claims to increase metabolism, fat cell oxidation, maximum thermogenesis, and extreme fat loss.

T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum fat burning supplementA lot of hype words and a unique delivery system to make hope you it works like it says it does. Is it all talk though?

About T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum

With T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum, you are to take 1 mL of the solution daily. This dosage should be held under your tongue for 5 seconds before swallowing to increase the absorption of the ingredients.

The product claims to be extremely concentrated and effective, but we don’t really know since the proprietary blend only lists ingredients – not how much of each it contains. This is dangerous if it is actually concentrated to the levels it claims, as overdosing with a pipette is relatively easy.

Also, in addition to the mystery behind the proprietary blend, this product contains Bitter Orange. This ingredient has shown potential for fat loss. But, it has shown even more potential for dangerous side effects!

£12 doesn’t sound like a lot for a fat loss product. What you have to consider is whether or not the ingredients are actually dosed properly!

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Main ingredients

Ingredients Summary

Here is all the ingredients listed on the bottle:

  • Raspberry Ketone – The oral dosage needed to replicate results shown in vitro studies is simply not possible in a little supplement bottle.
  • Bitter Orange – Studies show good results for fat loss, but this ingredient can be very dangerous! It’s simply not worth it – the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.
  • Caffeine – One of the best ingredients for fat loss. Increased metabolic rate, fat oxidation, energy, aerobic capacity, and decreased appetite. The holy grail!
  • B-Phenylethylamine – Used mostly for mood elevation, not much fat loss potential.
  • Guarana – Only useful for fat loss due to its Caffeine content.
  • Green Tea Extract – Helpful for fat loss because of Caffeine content. However, it works best if the user doesn’t consume Caffeine often before using Green Tea Extract.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine – If you are deficient in Carnitine, it can help burn fat. But, most people aren’t even close to deficient.

With all of these ingredients, the fat loss potential is basically limited to the various forms of Caffeine. Bitter Orange can burn fat, but you have to ask yourself: is it worth the health risks?

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Pros & Cons


  • Good source of Caffeine, the best fat loss ingredient
  • Lost cost


  • The proprietary blend leaves the amount of each ingredient a mystery
  • Bitter Orange can be dangerous
  • Not much fat loss potential outside of the Caffeine content

Side Effects

Bitter Orange is the biggest risk in this product. Artificially elevating your heart rate and increasing your blood pressure is just the tip of the iceberg for the health risks.

Also, as with any product with Caffeine, jittery feelings and trouble sleeping could become a problem. It’s hard to know how much Caffeine is in T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum since the proprietary doesn’t disclose this. The best advice: be careful with this product.

Conclusion of T5 Raspberry Ketone Serum

This product put up a lot of claims about what it can do for fat loss. What it didn’t tell you is the health risks with Bitter Orange and the fact that the only other ingredient that helps fat loss largely is Caffeine.

My advice: find a safer product with better ingredients to speed up your fat loss results!

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