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RSP Nutrition Prime-T Review | Side Effects | Ingredients | Dosage Directions

RSP Nutrition Prime-T Review Side Effects Ingredients Dosage Directions

From RSP Nutrition comes Prime-T, one of their most popular products and overall male testosterone booster. It’s marketed towards older generations, offering benefits for prostate health and youthful sex drive. Additionally, it contains ingredients which in high dosages work to boost your testosterone.

But can it compete with the best test boosters on the market? We at Higher Level Lifter are here to help you find that out. Here we’ll cover things you need to know about RSP Nutrition Prime-T, including its dosage directions, potential side effects, and ingredients.

Let’s have a closer look.

About RSP Nutrition Prime-T

RSP Nutrition is one of the household names in the supplement industry. They boast a wide variety of products, ranging from fat loss formulas to test boosters like Prime-T.

Speaking of Prime-T, it’s a rather popular choice among people who want to raise their testosterone naturally. We can see why this is the case – it contains several proven ingredients, which work together to help you raise that manly hormone.

Its key benefits include;

  • Support of natural serum T-levels
  • Promoting balance between testosterone and estrogen
  • Helps increase lean muscle and strength
  • Improves libido

But can this product actually give you the benefits it claims? Stay tuned – we’ve prepared an in-depth review to give you the full answer to this question, and more. Let’s plunge in, shall we?

How to use RSP Nutrition Prime-T

When it comes to using Prime-T, RSP Nutrition has opted for a simple approach. Their label reads you should take 4 tablets of the product on an empty stomach, 30-60 minutes before sleep. No multiple servings, no complications – just pop a few pills before bed and you’re good to go.

But is this actually the most efficient way to take a testosterone booster? No, it’s not, and let me tell you why…

See, if you only take 1 serving of testosterone booster per day, its benefits will last you a short time. The best testosterone boosters on the market have 3-4 servings. This ensures steady and constant supply of testosterone-boosting ingredients to your body, throughout the day and night.

We can see why RSP Nutrition has created Prime-T to only have 1 serving. It’s simple – just take it once per day, and you don’t have to worry about taking it later. But by doing so, they have sacrificed the effectiveness of this product.

RSP Nutrition Prime-T ingredients

Now, even with only 1 serving, Prime-T can prove to be an effective testosterone booster – if it has the right ingredients. Ultimately, they are the ones that govern the quality of this product.

Let’s take a closer look:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 isn’t just beneficial your testosterone levels. It’s one of the most important vitamins for our health, in general, and it’s the one vitamin most of us aren’t getting enough of. For this reason, it’s important for a testosterone booster to have an effective dose of this vitamin, in order to ensure full benefits.

Prime-T doesn’t fare very well in this department – it has 3000IU of D3, and research has shown best effects on testosterone from supplementing a minimum of 3332IU of vitamin D3 daily.

Still, this doesn’t make Prime-T’s 3000IU a complete write-off. If you’re able to get some sun every day, you’ll easily compensate for the lack of the vitamin within this product.

Vitamins B3, B12, and Folic Acid

We get B-vitamins through our diet. Supplementing with them only helps people who are deficient, which are usually vegans or elderly.

So if you aren’t in one of these groups, it’s highly unlikely you’re at risk of deficiency. Meaning, supplementing B-vitamins won’t significantly affect your T-levels.


Zinc is a mineral which plays a key role in regulating many enzymes within our body, including testosterone production.

Prime-T comes with 12mg of zinc citrate, which is okay, but not the best. We would prefer to see more bioavailable forms of zinc, such as gluconate or chelated zinc. These are better absorbed by your body, thus having a higher impact on your testosterone levels.

D-Aspartic Acid

This is a great ingredient choice by RSP Nutrition. D-Aspartic Acid has proven to be one of the best T-boosting ingredients out there; it encourages your brain to release more hormones, including Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone.

Also, Prime-T’s dose of 3,200 mg is nothing to sneeze at – it’s more than enough for you to experience its full benefits. Good job by RSP Nutrition here!

Fenugreek Extract

Another great ingredient in Prime-T. Just like DAA, Fenugreek Extract is one of those ingredients you can’t argue against – it’s proven to work. Additionally, Prime-T comes with a hefty dose of 500mg of Fenugreek Extract.

Maca Extract (root)

If you don’t know about Maca, we don’t know where you’ve been all this time. To make it short and sweet, Maca is a well-known aphrodisiac which has been used for ages.

It’s famous for boosting libido, more so than any other natural supplement in its category.

However, the bad news is: Maca doesn’t affect your testosterone levels, making it an unnecessary ingredient in a testosterone booster.

DIM (3,3′-Diindolylmethane)

Some people believe this is a good ingredient for a testosterone booster, but this actually isn’t the case. In fact, DIM has recently shown to be a dangerous ingredient for men – studies discovered it can promote the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in doses larger than 100mg – Prime-T has 250mg.

Honestly, I wouldn’t take the risk here. In the future, I suggest steering away from any supplement that contains high doses of DIM – if your goal is boosting testosterone, that is!

Safed Musli Extract (as chlorophytum borivallanum root)

Similar to Maca, Safed Musli is only good if you want to improve your sex drive. Its effect on testosterone, however, is non-existent.

Boron Citrate (5% boron)

Boron is one of the newer ingredients in testosterone boosters. It has some studies showing it actually works for testosterone, but more evidence is needed.

Still, it’s good that RSP Nutrition have put it in Prime-T. It hasn’t shown any negative side effects, so there’s nothing to lose here.


Bioperine is basically black pepper you eat with your food. It doesn’t have any T-boosting effects by itself, but does actually increase the absorption of other ingredients in Prime-T.

Customer Reviews

Prime-T is one of the more popular testosterone boosters out there, so it’s no wonder it has tons of reviews.

Our research team has found a lot of mixed user experiences, let’s have a look:

“I’ve taken a few different T-booster products but this is the worst I have taken.
– The pills are not small and you have to take 4 of them a day.
– They didn’t agree with my stomach. Tried them for 2 weeks and nonsense the whole time.
– The after taste of the pills is terrible, sticks with you for a while after taking them.
– I didn’t notice any changes as I had with other products. Likely since they didn’t agree with me they were ineffective.” – Dustin Mann

“This is a fantastic item that has assisted in my overall well-being regarding sports nutrition products.”Dizzydc21

“I have used this for three weeks now and I cannot tell a change a difference or anything I think I wasted my money. I’m 47 and think I should notice something.”Brian O.

Side effects of RSP Nutrition Prime-T

Prime-T is actually one of the safer testosterone boosters out there. That said, it does contain DIM, which has shown to encourage your body to produce estrogen instead of testosterone. This can lead to a number of side effects, including “man boobs.”

Avoid increased estrogen levels! 

– See the best T-Boosters that work –

Pros and cons of  RSP Nutrition Prime-T

Most of Prime-T’s ingredients are actually good and safe. However, the inclusion of DIM is something we can’t overlook – it’s shown to cause nasty side effects in men.


  • Vitamin D3, Fenugreek Extract, and DAA are all effective for boosting T-levels
  • Reasonable price of $35 dollars for a 1-month supply
  • Good for raising sex drive (thanks to Maca and Safed Musli)


  • Only 1 serving per day, not enough to keep your T-levels elevated for long
  • Contains DIM which can convert testosterone into estrogen, causing side effects such as man boobs

Conclusion to RSP Nutrition Prime-T

So, is RSP Nutrition Prime-T the testosterone booster you need? First things first, it does have some impressive ingredients which are shown to naturally elevate your T-levels. Such as DAA, vitamin D3, and Fenugreek extract.

But the inclusion of DIM is something that we can’t overlook here. Its potentially negative effect on testosterone could ruin all the good effects that other ingredients offer.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to do your research and determine which testosterone booster is going to give you safe, effective, and reliable results. To help you with that, we created our top 3 testosterone booster page, where you’ll see the most effective products currently available – see for yourself right now!

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