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The Ripper By Cobra Labs Review

There are lightweights, middleweights, and heavyweights both in fitness goers like you and I, and also in the supplement industry. The Ripper by Cobra Labs is a heavyweight without a doubt.  

We all want those rippling abs to look good naked in the mirror, with our with partner in bed, or on the beach, and there are supplements that can help us do that. But like Cinderella, the shoe must fit. 

Designed for heavyweights, this fat burner could be just the ticket for some people, but for others, it could be a nightmare. These ingredients that will energize, mobilize fat for energy, and cause a metabolic shock to the body, but will that shock be too much and leave someone experiencing nasty side effects? 

Let’s have a closer look and see if it’s the right fat burner for you. 


  • Adrenaline Booster: The added ingredients will provide a huge amount of energy and rush of adrenaline. It’s been designed for serious bodybuilders. Only the experienced athlete are advised to supplement with this aggressive formula.
  • Fat Utilizer: Ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones and Green Tea Extract have been claimed to release fat stores and use them for energy. 
  • Increase Metabolism: Beta-Alanine and Guarana, which are both stimulants, will help increase the body’s metabolism. 

We’re no stranger to some of the ingredients listed here, such as Green Coffe extract, or, Green Tea Extract, which are all safe, tried-and-tested ingredients that have been proven to work. 

On the other hand, there are some ingredients the Cobra Labs have added to The Ripper that aren’t that well known. For instance, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Olive Leafe Extract, and Taurine.

“These ingredients are now becoming more widely recognized as staples in SOME fat burning supplements, but in my opinion, these ingredients can be aggressive on the body and prove to be ineffective, if not dangerous for someone who’s sensitive to stimulants and similar ingredients.”

Now this fat burner could work for a more “heavy-duty” professional. It’s ideal for the heavy set guy who’s been taking these types of supplements for a while, as they will know what to expect. But for a novice or a first time user looking to loose body fat in a safe and healthy way. I might suggest otherwise. That being said, it could work for some. For myself, I would avoid this as I wouldn’t want to take anything with aggressive ingredients at such high dosages.

You can always check out my top 3 fat burners here and compare for yourself. 



A Closer Look – What’s Inside

  • Vitamin C – 45mg:
  • Vitamin B12 – 25mcg:
  • Panthothenic CID – 4MG:
  • Chromium – 100mcg:

Extreme Muscle Fuel – 2055mg

  • CamoSyn® (Beta-Alanine): Beta-alanine has been shown to increase muscular endurance. People have reported being able to perform one or two additional reps in the gym while taking Beta-Alanine. 
  • Guarana Extract: Guarana is used in many weight loss supplements. It enhances athletic performance, it also acts as a stimulant and reduces mental and physical fatigue.
  • Rasberry Ketones: Claims have been made that it uses fatty acids for energy, although, many studies have found it to be inconclusive. 
  • Caffeine 200mg: A simple form of caffeine that increases energy and delays the feeling of tiredness. 

Ripper Shred Matrix – 1106mg 

  • Taurine: Highly stimulatory compound that will help in boosting through workouts as well as controlling insulin levels 
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI: Helps with brain function and deterioration of the brain. It also has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels. 
  • Green Coffee Extract: Helps to increase the metabolism and reduce weight in seriously overweight people. It’s also good for reducing high blood pressure. 
  • Green Tea Extract: Green tea is one of the magic ingredients that help to release fatty acids to be used as energy along with uplifting energy levels throughout the day. 
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract: May relieve symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and allergies, but overall it’s possible unsafe to consume in large doses as it irritates the lining of the skin. 
  • Olive Leafe Extract (40% Oleuropein): Helps to use glucose for energy in the body, especially during exercise. It also increases adrenaline and energy levels while giving more energy, much like caffeine. 

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  • Made by a trusted supplier
  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to take 
  • Strong formula 


  • Very aggressive fro the average user
  • Possible serious side effects if not used to taking caContains
  • Contains some ingredients that are proven ineffective 
  • Large dosage – may cause stomach upset 

How To Use

It’s advised to take one scoop and mix with 6-8 oz of cold water 30 minutes before working out. And after 2 days, if you can tolerate the high dosage, you can start to take a second scoop (with water) roughly 5-6 hours after the first.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can find The Ripper by Cobra Labs from their homepage,, and other online stores. It’s available in most countries worldwide. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Average price is $28 – 39 (USD) for a tub containing 30 servings

My Verdict

As Cobra Labs suggest, this supplement is for the heavyweight and seasoned bodybuilder, powerlifter or experienced gym goer. It has some very intense ingredients that will work a treat for anyone of these types of professionals to shed some extra weight. 

It can and most certainly will have a shocking effect on the body, but depending on who’s taking it, that could be a good shock or a bad shock. 

For myself, I will always like to recommend fat burners that have been tried and tested not only but the public but also by professional athletes. There is one fat burner around at the moment that I’ve added into my top 3 called Instant Knockout. This supplement, for example, has been used by professional MMA fighters.

These are the type of fat burners I continue to take and will always recommend to anyone who slightly sensitive to caffeine or want’s healthy approach to getting shredded. 

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