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Red Cell By The Protein Works Review

The Protein Works have designed a premium looking fat burner named Red Cell that claims to “efficiently deliver its key ingredients into the body for optimal results.”

It comes in the form of a two-layered pill offering the dual-release technology. This means that once you take a Red Cell capsule, its fat-melting ingredients will release in two stages, staying in your system for longer than your typical fat burner. This is safe and offers a variety of benefits, including sustained weight loss, suppressed appetite and a faster metabolism.

However, there are also some downsides to Red Cell fat burner. They have chosen an ingredient that has been known to cause side effects.

So, are the benefits of Red Cell worth the risk? And most importantly, can it help you get the physique you’ve always wanted? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

Benefits of Red Cell

  • Adrenaline Booster – The combination of Bitter Orange Peel and caffeine within Red Cell will make your heart beat faster. However, this can be dangerous for some people – stay tuned, I’ll explain why in a moment.
  • Thermogenic – Certain ingredients within Red Cell will kick your metabolism into high gear, making you spend more energy.
  • Appetite Suppressant – You won’t feel hungry all the time.

The Protein Works have formulated a Red Cell capsule to have two layers. On the outside it contains CLA, and on the inside, it has thermogenic, fat burning and appetite suppressant ingredients.

Now, here’s where the problem with Red Cell lies; they chose one ingredient, Bitter Orange Peel, which has shown to have aggressive properties which can cause serious side effects.

Combine this with over 210 milligrams of caffeine in a daily dose, and you have a pretty dangerous formula. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know that BOP when mixed with caffeine, can cause panic attacks, dizziness and a feeling of being unwell.

I’ve used The Protein Works supplements many times, and as much as I like them. I feel let down by their choice of Bitter Orange Peel ingredient. They could’ve done much better here.

However, it’s not all bad. Red Cell does contain some useful ingredients that could benefit those who are accustomed to aggressive ingredients.



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A Closer Look – What’s Inside

CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a form of a fatty acid that is said to promote fat loss through various mechanisms. Such as signaling hormone production and the break up of fatty acids for the use of energy as fuel. However, recent evidence shows that CLA isn’t really effective in humans – only animals.

Citrus Aurantium – Also known as Bitter Orange Peel and P-synephrine. Its main purpose is to stimulate and increase the adrenaline, putting stress on your heart. Take caution when using this ingredient because if you mix it with caffeine, it could cause anxiety and headaches, or even more serious side effects. See the study on bitter orange peel on this link.

Caffeine – An all-around good ingredient for fat burning. When caffeine is used strategically and in safe doses, it helps boost the metabolism and burn fat while providing a jolt of energy. However, when it’s mixed with an adrenaline booster like Bitter Orange Peel, it could cause some pretty bad side effects.

Cayenne Extract – A fantastic addition to any fat burner. Cayenne Extract works to increase the speed of your metabolism, which will make your body work harder to regulate its temperature. This will eventually lead to more calories burned. Find out more here.

L-Phenylalanine – Is a stimulatory compound. It will help you to have more energy in the gym, along with preventing exercise fatigue.

Green Coffee Extract – Green coffee is another great fat burning compound that will help you increase energy levels. But that isn’t all. This ingredient also helps prevent the build-up of glucose in the liver, helping you burn fat as fuel.

Bioperine – When taken, enhances bioavailability of other ingredients, making them more effective. Also works as a slight thermogenic helping you burn fat as fuel.

Vitamine B6 – Is essential for optimal health. It stimulates co-enzymatic activities, protects the immune system, and has positive effects on the metabolism, helping you to burn fat more effectively. However, most people aren’t deficient in this vitamin, so it’s questionable to which degree it will help you.

Chromium Picolinate – Chromium is used to treat insulin sensitivity and reduce food cravings. It’s a plant-based fiber that swells in the stomach creating a feeling of fullness. This is a great ingredient to keep you away from that chocolate brownie.



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Side Effects?

Mixing Citrus Aurantium, also known as Bitter Orange Peel with stimulants like caffeine has shown to induce various side effects. These include headaches, panic attacks, dizziness, and nausea.

In some extreme cases, there were people who had heart palpitations, heightened blood pressure, and extreme chest pains from combining Bitter Orange Peel with other stimulants.

So, before popping a Red Cell fat burner pill, first make sure you’re in perfect health. If you’re not, then chances are you’ll experience some of the above-mentioned side effects – and believe me, as someone who’s experienced them first-hand, they aren’t a joke.


  • Contains natural thermogenic ingredients.
  • Easy to take.
  • Added benefits of Green Tea.


  • Has large amounts of Citrus Aurantium per serving (100mg). A VERY aggressive dosage. Be extremely cautious with this ingredient if you want to avoid its infamous side effects.
  • Contains an adrenaline booster – when mixed with caffeine, it can cause anxiety, dizziness and heart palpitations.
  • Uses ingredients that aren’t proven to work at burning fat, one of them being CLA.

How To Use Red Cell

You are to take 3 capsules of Red Cell by Iron Labs fat burner 30 minutes before your workout. This will help you get an energy boost while in the gym.

On non-training days, spread out the dosage. Take one pill first thing in the morning, the next with lunch, and the third in the afternoon.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy Red Cell By The Protein Works from their official website,, as well as on

How Much Does It Cost?

$67.13 USD for 90 capsules. This means that if you take the recommended dose of 3 capsules per day, Red Cell will last you only one month. Could be cheaper, considering the amount of low-grade, ineffective and potentially dangerous ingredients within it.

My Verdict on the Red Cell By The Protein Works

All around not a bad fat burner if you’re used to high amounts of aggressive adrenaline boosters such as Bitter Orange Peel.

It has some proven ingredients that work to increase the metabolism, but on the other hand, it contains ingredients that are NOT proven to work whatsoever – such as CLA.


If you want to avoid these harmful, and somewhat inconclusive ingredients, see our best ingredients page here to find out what works the best.

Key Points 

  • Good: Has natural thermogenic ingredients and it’s easy to take.
  • Bad: Contains Citrus Aurantium which is known to cause negative side effects when mixed with caffeine.
  • Bad: High dosage of an adrenaline booster at 100mg per serving when the recommended dosage is only 50mg by health professionals.

So there you have it guys, that’s my round-up of the Red Cell By the Protein Works review. Until next time!

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