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Recharge PM Burner By 1 UP Nutrition Review

Recharge PM Burner by 1 UP Nutrition have created this night-time fat burner that is said to help promote deep sleep and increase fat loss during the night.

It also says it helps with relaxation, while this may be true for some people, it may prove to be

Let’s have a closer look and see if it’s the right fat burner for you. 

Benefits of Recharge PM Burner

  • Brain Stimulating
  • Relaxing Effects
  • Slight Increase In Metabolism

As you already know, this is a “night-time” fat burning supplement, which in my opinion, I cannot see how that even works.

It contains nootropics as its main form of stimulant that will help the brain to relax and feel good and stimulate towards the night-time and falling asleep, but, it also contains traces of green tea, which when mixed with nooropics can increase stimulation – not what you want when you are trying to sleep.

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It would be more beneficial as a brain booster than a fat burner. It’s really going to help you think better and improve your overall memory, but as for fat loss, it won’t benefit you a great deal.

A Little About The Company

1 UP Nutrition are an American based company that have a huge amount of offers on their website for muscle-building stacks, weight loss stacks, whey proteins, and male and female supplements.

They also sell fitness clothing and equipment such as gym bags and hats. Again, if it were my company, I’d stick to making supplements only, and making them the best, not try to sell people anything I can think of to make a profit.

The website looks a little cheap, I mean, the colors they use and the packaging is a little tacky in my eyes, but I guess that doesn’t really matter if it does the job!



A Closer Look – What’s Inside

The main ingredients are listed below – looking through what’s inside this fat burner, it looks like they’ve added a lot of brain stimulants such as nootropics, rather than actual ingredients that will promote fat burning and increase the metabolism such as cayenne pepper, or green coffee bean.

The other ingredients are again just other forms of nootropics which are great for the brain, but for increasing overall energy and burning calories, it’s lacking a lot of punch!

  • GABA

GABA is widely used for relaxing the brian and helping to stimulate the senses. It’s a form of a nootropic which will act similar to caffeine.

  • L-Tryptophan

Again, this is another nootropic that will act in the same way as GABA but stimulating your senses. It’s great for helping your brain to work faster and think sharper, but as for overall energy compared to stimulants such as caffeine, it has n real benefit to fat loss.

  • Green Tea Extract

This is great for helping you to burn extra calories as it will increase your overall metabolic rate (the speed you burn energy). Its’ also useful as it provides catechins which are great for detoxifying the body.

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Side Effects of Recharge PM Burner

The possible side effects of Recharge PM is that by mixing nootropics with stimulants such as green tea can cause nausea and nervousness. Apart from that, there is no huge side effect. But still not worth the risk in my opinion.


  • Great for the brain
  • Good for people sensitive to stimulants


  • Not enough natural thermogenic
  • No real benefit to fat loss – but good as a nootropic supplement

How To Use

As this is made towards nighttime fat burning (if there is even such a thing) it’s advised to take 2 capsules 30 before bed.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy it direct from their website at or

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs $49.99 for 30 servings, a large price tag for not a lot of real “fat burning” ingredients.

My Verdict

Well, my verdict? If you are looking for a nootropic supplement disguised as a fat burner, then Recharge PM Burner is for you,

Also if you want something that is overpriced and has no huge benefit to fat loss, then again, this is for you.

The big problem I have with this is… Having these types of nootropics and stimulants before bed will only make you have a bad nights sleep (always bad for fat loss), secondly, there are not enough ingredients that will promote a natural fat burning effect such as cayenne pepper, which would be perfectly safe to take before bed.

Finally! Its’ a proprietary blend, meaning we will never know how much of each ingredient is in each capsule. Some supplement companies fill their capsules with the cheaper ingredients and put less in of the ones that actually work.

David Watkins
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2 thoughts on “Recharge PM Burner By 1 UP Nutrition Review

  1. Ive just bought this product, and I can attest that since I have started to take these pills, I haven’t had a decent nights sleep. In fact, I’m almost awake all night.

    However, thats not what prompted my research, I have noticed that I am all of a sudden experiencing states of anxiety, and nervousness. I am also taking this supplement in conjunction with other 1UP Supps. Im not altogther sure its just doen to the PM fat burner, or if its a result of some of the other supps.

    I would love to hear back from you.


    1. Hi Karl, thanks for reaching out this is a very good question. Let’s have a look and see what could be causing your anxiety, and sleeplessness. First off, I would say that it could be due to the added ingredients of green tea, and L-carnitine, which both can… and are most probably stimulating your mind. Not something you want at night. Okay, Recharge PM does contain some ingredients that can help to calm the senses, but the other ingredients may be providing conflicting results. Even though it’s supposed to be taken at night/evening, some people like yourself may find these ingredients cause too much stimulation for a restful nights sleep. As for your anxiety, my educated guess would be the lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep will cause a whole host of issues, form weight gain, stress, and yes, anxiety. My advice would be to cut out Recharge PM for a few days to see how you feel. Try and get yourself into a good sleeping routine, by doing the same thing each night – reading a book, or going for a walk etc to help calm the mind and body. Give it some time to see if you feel better. Then, you can slowly start adding in Recharge PM back into your supplement routine earlier on in the afternoon as not to disturbe sleep. If the symptoms come back then you know it’s this fat burner causing the issues. If the other 1UP Supp has caffeine in, this could also be a large contributor to your anxiety and sleeplessness. See how you get one and report back, I’d really like to know how you get on with everything. All the best and good luck!

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