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Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Serum Review

Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Serum fat burner

Pure Nutrition has a Thermo T9 in a pill form and a serum. Interestingly, the two products don’t contain the same ingredients.

Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Serum fat burnerThe serum is a sublingual liquid suspension  that is meant to improve the bioavailability of the ingredient. Whether or not this actually improves the quality of the supplement over the pill form remains to be seen.

Thermo T9 Serum is a single active ingredient aiming to boost metabolism and increase fat oxidation. The product description states that all ingredients aim to do this, but looking at the ingredients list, it’s easy to see that there is only one active ingredient and the rest contribute to the flavor of the liquid.

So, with only one ingredient, can it work as good as Pure Nutrition says it can?

About Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Serum

Thermo T9 Serum is dosed with 500mg of Carnitine daily. You are to use 1mL per day to make one bottle last for 30 days.

The price for one month of Thermo T9 Serum will be around £25. You’d expect a slightly lower price, since there is only one active ingredient in the product.

The sublingual liquid is to be held under your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing any extra liquid. There isn’t enough evidence for the sublingual usage of Carnitine being and improvement over typical oral dosage.

So, it really comes down to whether or not Carnitine is a high quality ingredient for fat loss.

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Ingredients Summary

With a 500mg daily dosage of Carnitine, this supplement is already on the lower end of dosing this ingredient. Typical daily dosages for Carnitine are up to 2g per day, which would raise the cost of this supplement tremendously.

Here are some of the benefits found with Carnitine:

  • Decreased muscle damage during exercise
  • Decreased fatigue levels
  • Decrease in blood glucose levels
  • Increase in Insulin Sensitivity
  • Increased sprinting capacity
  • Improved blood flow
  • Decreased inflammation

With all of these benefits, you will notice that none are highly useful for fat loss. So, one has to wonder, is Carnitine useful for fat loss?

It turns out that it can be effective for fat loss, only if you are deficient in Carnitine. You can naturally get Carnitine from food sources, such as meat and dairy. If you don’t eat these regularly, you may benefit from its supplementation.

For those that do eat these food groups often, you probably won’t notice much difference in your fat burning efforts.

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Pros & Cons


  • Carnitine has fat burning potential for special populations
  • Many benefits are seen beyond just fat burning potential


  • The average person won’t be deficient in Carnitine enough to benefit from supplementation
  • A low dose for a high price

Side Effects

Carnitine is a relatively safe ingredient to supplement with. Those who have hyperthyroidism or seizures may experience worsening of their conditions with supplementation. Other than that, some simple digestion issues may arise. However, none of these are common.

Conclusion of Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Serum

Carnitine can definitely help fat loss, and many other things, if you are deficient with it in the first place. However, even though it can be effective, is Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Serum worth the investment?

Here is the truth: this product is just too expensive for the low dosage. Regardless of the sublingual effectiveness of Carnitine, you can purchase Carnitine pills for almost half the cost and double the dosage. If you do decide that Carnitine is a good choice for you, I’d go with a different supplement!

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