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Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Pills Review

Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Pills fat burner

A fat burner tends to have multiple ingredients to provide multiple benefits when users want to lose fat. If there was a single ingredient that could provide a lot of wanted benefits, Caffeine would be that ingredient.

Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Pills fat burnerBut, Pure Nutrition decided to put together a different supplement with a single ingredient besides Caffeine. Can it stand up to the best fat burners on the market? Lets examine the product!

About Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Pills

Lets talk about the cost first, since you wouldn’t expect an expensive product with only one active ingredient. Unfortunately, T9 Thermo Pills are quite expensive for a single ingredient product, costing you about £23 for a month’s supply.

You are to take one 400mg capsule per day. This product lists a proprietary blend for its ingredients. One ingredient is a filler and the other is the active ingredient, Hoodia. It’d probably be best to take the dose in the morning before breakfast.

There isn’t much else to this product. You have to consider whether or not Hoodia is a good enough ingredient to qualify for the high price!

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Main ingredients
Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Pills Ingredients

Ingredients Summary

As I mentioned, Hoodia Extract is the only active ingredient in this product.

The main claimed benefit for Hoodia is a reduction in appetite. However, studies have failed to show that Hoodia consumed orally can reach the brain to produce these effects. This basically renders the main usage of Hoodia defective, unless you plan on using intracerebral injections!

It’s not only ineffective, however. It has also been shown to cause toxicity issues in users. No results and health side effects…what would be the point of using Hoodia?

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Pros & Cons


  • N/A – I can’t list a single one


  • The only active ingredient is Hoodia, which is ineffective and potentially dangerous
  • The proprietary blend means you could even be getting under-dosed Hoodia, which would probably be a good thing to avoid toxicity problems.

Side Effects

Hoodia toxicity has been studied in mice multiple times. Using the standard dosage conversion, the dose found to cause toxicity in mice is similar to dosages found in supplements. Obviously, researchers aren’t going to put people in danger to verify the toxicity side effects, as this would be unethical. It’s safe to say you should stay away from Hoodia!

Conclusion of Pure Nutrition Thermo T9 Pills

Here is a tip for fat burners: if you are looking for a single ingredient product, go with Caffeine. Nothing else comes remotely close to its effectiveness. If you are looking at Thermo T9 Pills, or any other Hoodia product, I recommendation changing the direction you are looking!

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