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Pure Nutrition Hybrid T5 Serum Review

Pure Nutrition Hybrid T5 Serum

Hybrid T5 Fat Burning Serum is the one of the many products latching itself onto the popular “T5” style name. Of course, this name comes from an original blend of 5 fat burning ingredients: Bitter Orange, Caffeine, Guarana, Green Tea Extract, and Carnitine.

Pure Nutrition Hybrid T5 SerumThis isn’t very close to that original formula, however. Instead, Hybrid T5 Serum only uses one of those original ingredients: Carnitine.

Can it be effective without the other 4 ingredients?

About Pure Nutrition Hybrid T5 Serum

Hybrid T5 Serum is a sublingual liquid supplement. This is different from your typical fat burning capsules. This form is said to have better absorption of the ingredient, as compared to capsules. Whether or not this is actually true remains to be seen!

Each dose will give you 500mg of Carnitine, which is on the lower side of daily dosing. Daily doses typically go as high as 2-3g per day, meaning that this product is either under-dosed, or very expensive to use at a typical dosage.

One bottle will run about £25, which is pretty expensive considering the dosage you get. There are plenty of other Carnitine supplements on the market with a lower price.

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Ingredients Summary

Carnitine is the only active ingredient in Hybrid T5 Serum. There are a myriad of benefits of supplementation, if you don’t already consume enough through your diet.

Dietary sources of Carnitine include meat and diary. Red Meat is the best natural source. If you happen to eat meat and/or dairy on a daily basis, supplementation probably won’t provide many benefits.

If you aren’t a regular meat and dairy eater, definitely consider Carnitine supplementation. It has been shown to improve fat loss and many other health markers when supplemented in those who are deficient.

But, you still have to decide whether or not Hybrid T5 Serum is the best choice for a Carnitine supplement.

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Pros & Cons


  • Carnitine has been proven to work in those who are deficient


  • This product is very expensive compared to similar supplements
  • If you aren’t deficient in Carnitine, you won’t reap many benefits, if any

Side Effects

Carnitine supplementation is very safe for the average individual. Those with thyroid issues or have seizures may experience worsening of their condition. Those special populations might want to avoid supplementation of Carnitine. Otherwise, you are probably good to go!

Conclusion of Pure Nutrition Hybrid T5 Serum

Carnitine can work for fat loss for some people. However, when it comes to Pure Nutrition Hybrid T5 Serum specifically, I’d go with a cheaper alternative for a simple Carnitine supplement.

Or, if you want even better results, you can choose a supplement with Carnitine and other proven fat burning ingredients to take your results to the next level!

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