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NutriPharm Apidren Review

NutriPharm Apidren fat burner

NutriPharm Apidren is a fat loss supplement claiming to use natural ingredients to help you lose fat, when using with diet and exercise. The product claims to boost thermogenesis and inhibit at storage, both of which would help you lose fat more efficiently.

NutriPharm Apidren fat burnerBut, as with any product, we have to examine the ingredients and analyze whether or not these claims are actually true. Lets check out Apidren for any benefits and drawbacks!

About NutriPharm Apidren

Apidren is a daily fat burner to be taken before breakfast. Users should start with 1 capsule to see how it affects them. Once tolerance is assessed, you may increase your dosage to 2 capsules per day, if needed. This means one bottle will last between 15-30 days.

One bottle will cost you around $45, which is quite expensive, especially if it only lasts 15 days. With this price in mind, you really have to be sure that the ingredients in Apidren are worth the investment.

Unfortunately, Apidren only lists a 400mg proprietary blend. This means you won’t know how much of each ingredient you are using. This makes proper dosing much harder to do, since it’s basically a guessing game!

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Main ingredients
NutriPharm Apidren ingredients and supplement facts

Ingredients Summary

There are two active ingredients in the proprietary blend: Sphaeranthus Indicus Extract and Garcinia Mangostana extract. Since they are listed in a proprietary blend, you don’t know the specific amounts in each capsule, other than the two combined make 400mg.

Lets look into the science behind each ingredient to see if they are worth the money!

Sphaeranthus Indicus Extract – This ingredient has much research on it out of the two, but it still hasn’t been researched thoroughly for fat loss.

Garcinia Mangostana Extract – A novel ingredient with even less research supporting any benefits.

The one study that does talk about these ingredients happens to be a sponsored study using this exact blend of ingredients. The study did find that this blend can reduce body fat better than placebo.

But, you have to be cautious with sponsored studies. Some of them turn out to be unrepeatable, meaning the researchers did what they could to show positive results to make the sponsors happy.

That sponsored study does look well designed, but further, non-sponsored studies are needed to truly know if these ingredients are highly effective.

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Pros & Cons


  • Natural extracts providing fat burning potential
  • Preliminary sponsored study does show promising results


  • Ingredients are under-researched for fat loss overall
  • Since the study was sponsored, you could see less results than they claim. Sponsored studies aren’t always what they seem!
  • Quite expensive

Side Effects

These two ingredients seem to be relatively safe overall. Sphaeranthus Indicus actually may be anti-allergenic and anti-cancerous, so there are some possible health benefits to go along with the potential for burning fat!

Conclusion of NutriPharm Apidren

Novel ingredients with little research behind them tend to be a little overpriced. The study done on this blend of ingredients found in NutriPharm Apidren look promising. However, you can save some money by choosing a more well-known product with highly proven ingredients.

However, I wouldn’t take this one off my list just yet. I just want to see more studies on the ingredients before I say it’s okay purchase.

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