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Meltdown By VPX Side Effects And Review

Meltdown by VPX has come across a lot of speculation for its possible side effects, and claims that it will strip your body of fat.

It uses adrenaline boosters, along with caffeine to help raise your metabolism, but that’s not all it could do. Let’s have a closer look and see what’s inside this fat burner and why it’s received a bad reputation online.


  • Increased Adrenaline
  • Focus and Drive

The added adrenaline boosters such as yerba mate, synephrine, and caffeine. Expect to feel a raised heart rate, focus, drive, and increased energy.

However, this is only a short term solution, as theses ingredients, when combined together may aggravate some side effects such as headaches, nausea and anxiety.

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A Little About The Company




A Closer Look – What’s Inside

There a three main compounds in this fat burner that are made up of propriety blend, and if you know anything about this type of blend, it usually means we will never really know how much is inside each capsule, not making it the most honest supplement on the market for fat loss. Needless to say, here are the main ingredients.

Caffeine – Great for overall stimulation and performance. It will also raise your metabolism past its normal resting state.

Toothed Clubmoss – This plant may give the brain an added boost and focus, but for taking it for fat-loss, there’s no huge benefit.

Yerba Mate – Known to have stimulating effects like caffeine. It will also increase adrenaline and metabolism. However, it’s not recommended to mix with other stimulants as it aggravates headaches, heart palpitations and possible vomiting.

Synephrine – Also known as Bitter Orange Peel. This is an aggressive stimulant that will boost metabolism, energy levels, but may trigger side effects and aggravate symptoms of nausea, just like Yerba Mate.

The rest of the ingredients are based around adrenaline boosters mixed with caffeine to increase your heart rate and your overall calorie expenditure, hoping that it will cause fat loss, but in my opinion, it could cause you to burn out from over aggravating your adrenaline levels, which are naturally short in supply and don’t last forever.

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Side Effects?

Side effects could be heart palpitations, anxiety, and nervousness to name only a few from the adrenaline boosters hey have put in this product.

See more about possible side effects from a study done on the effects of acute ingestion of weight loss supplements here.


  • Good for short bursts of energy
  • Possible increased metabolism


  • Could lead to burn out feeling
  • Uses Bitter Orange Peel – not recommended
  • Not enough natural ingredients such as cayenne pepper

How To Use

VPX recommend taking 2 to start with, then move up to 3 if you have built up a tolerance. It’s also advised to take first thing in the morning straight away after waking up.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can but it from many online retailers such as and

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs a whopping roughly $25.00 for 72 capsules.

My Verdict

Overall, this would make a pre-workout more than a fat burner as it contains some aggressive adrenaline boosters.

I cannot honestly recommend this product as the ingredients are made up of a proprietary blend, meaning we will never know how much is inside of certain ingredients, if that wasn’t enough, it uses Bitter Orange Peel, a well known aggressive substance that has cause a lot of complaints among fitness enthusiasts around the world.

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