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Can cardio help you lose fat and tone your body?

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People are always wondering if you need to exercise more or eat less to lose fat. Most people come to the conclusion that reducing calorie intake is the solution to lose fat but, the truth is that it is not the only thing, since this reduction of food, should be accompanied by exercise.

Among the types of exercises most recommendable, you will find cardio as a popular choice, as it causes the muscles of the body to work and adapt.

For example, a moderate-intensity workout will burn calories, develop leg and arm muscles, and make your CV system work within your aerobic capacity, pumping enough oxygenated blood throughout your body so you can cope better The workout.

Thanks to this, in addition, your heart and the lungs will be strengthened and the muscles of your body will become stronger and will be more conditioned for the exercise.

So by looking at this, you may be wondering if you could do, exclusively, cardiovascular activity to lose fat and tone. The answer is yes, but we encourage you to continue reading to understand why this can become a problem for those starting in the discipline of cardio.

Keep in mind that when you start a healthier lifestyle, any changes you make will shock your body. And is that many who want to see fast results and do an overexertion of cardiovascular activity that leaves them hungry and tired and this makes them end by abandoning this healthy lifestyle and failing in their purposes.


Therefore, to facilitate the process, it is best to carry out a combination of calorie deficit with physical activity. That is, do a little more cardio and ingest fewer calories a day.

You may be afraid to practice cardio but the truth is that it has numerous benefits that you should know: it provides stronger muscles, brings vitality to the organs and decreases the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular accident.

More exercise, less calorie deficit

As you see, performing cardio will benefit your body composition more than altering your nutrition plan every week. Therefore, it is best that, as we have said before, that combines physical activity with a modification of nutrition to achieve a calorie deficit.

That is, you can exercise more to allow you to eat more and not to carry out a calorie deficit that is too high.

Although the right calorie deficit is 500 calories, you can start your combination of cardio and lower caloric intake with a deficit of 200 calories in order to start easier and not fall into the attempt the first day of beginning to carry out A healthier lifestyle with which to lose fat and tone your body.

Surely with this routine, you get the body with which you dreamed so much since it is simple to follow, you just need to be constant and have discipline.

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