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Ignizium Men’s Fat Burner Supplement Review

mens fat burner review

mens fat burner reviewToday we have Ignizium’s Men’s Fat Burner under review.

Let’s see if this fat burner is the right choice for men’s fat loss.

Benefits of Men’s Fat Burner:

  • More energy
  • Improved metabolism

Ignizium’s Men’s Fat Burner Review

Men’s Fat Burner is yes, you’ve guessed it, a fat burner target towards men at promoting fat loss.

The question you have is, “is this going to work, or is it just a waste of money?”

Good question…

Before I get into that a little deeper, let’s look at the makers of Men’s Fat Burner to give you an overview of their level of quality.

Looking deeper into their company, and the level of products they produce, it’s clear to see they are on the cheaper end of the market, producing vitamin, and other fat burning supplements.

Other than this, there’s not much else known about the company, such as where they are based, or who they got started.

Who is Ignizium’s Men’s Fat Burner For?

Man’s Fat Burner is aimed at men who is looking to get rid of extra belly fat and overall weight.

It does this buy using a handful of ingredients that promote an improved metabolism.

However, looking deeper into how each ingredient works (more on this soon).

It’s clear to see they have added ingredients that are not proven to burn fat efficiently.

Inside, Ignizium’s Men’s Fat Burner, (apart from other ingredients) it contains capsicum extract, coleus forskohlii root, and L-Theanine.

All of the above, have no profound effect on boosting fat loss. But that doesn’t mean it’s all bad, it does have some that work – let’s look at those now.

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Main ingredients

mens fat burner review ingredients

Ingredients Summary

In this section let’s run through the ingredients and how they work in a little more detail.

Let’s get into it!

1.Coca seed extract is a great product to detoxify the body and also boost your metabolism, but unfortunately, no large scale research has been done to prove these claims.

2.Coleus forskohlii root works to reduce the effects of allergies, much like antihistamine, while at the same time relieving some chest pain, but as for fat loss, there’s no real benefit.

3.Caffeine, this one is a standard and safe fat burning ingredient. It works to suppress your appetite, boost metabolism, and boost your energy levels.

4.Green te is another good fat burning ingredient that works to detox the body, boost metabolism, and provide a natural lift of energy.

5.Capsicum extract which is closely related to the pepper gives the boy’s a thermogenic boost.

This means your body has to work harder to regulate its internal temperature, thus burning more calories.

6.L-Theanine is an amino acid that helps to releve anxiety, high blood pressure, but it has no huge benefit to fat loss overall.

Ingredients Under The Microscope

Okay, so now you want to know if these ingredients are actually any good? The answer to this is yes and no.

let me quickly explain…

Half of these ingredients I would highly recommend, they boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and give you a healthy lift in energy.

On the other hand, there are ingredients here that have no benefit to fat loss at all, which leaves me with the question, “should I pay for ingredients that are not going to benefit my fat loss goals?”

Again, the answer to this is probably no!

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As there’s no clear dosage instructions, only what it says on the bottle which is the serving size of 2 capsules.

I can only assume they want you to take 2 capsules per day, but until they clearly state it on their sales page, we’ll never know.

TOP TIP: Companies who don’t clearly state their dosage, or how to take their supplements are more often than not of a cheap quality.


It costs $19.95 and $16.20 for delivery from which amounts to $36.15 – quite a lot for 30 capsules.

Pros & Cons


  • Contains green tea, and caffeine
  • No harmful ingredients


  • Not 100% reliable
  • Company unknown and unreliable
  • Not enough thermogenic ingredients

Side Effects


No serious side effects, but if you experience any, it could be headaches, jittery feeling, and nausea from taking on too much caffeine.

Always consult your doctor, and test your tolerance first.

Conclusion | Men’s Fat Burner

There you have it guys, it’s okay, but it is not the best one we’ve seen.

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After all of this, I’d love to hear your thoughts…have you taken Weight Loss Control For Men, and what were your results?

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