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Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement Review

Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement Review

Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement ReviewHey guys, lined up today for you we have Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement Review, am boy it’s been a long time coming.

Without any more delay, let’s get into this review and see if the best fat burner for you fat loss goals.

Benefits of Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement:

  • Boosted mental performance
  • Increased thermogenic
  • Stimulated metabolism

Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement Review

Guys, if you haven’t heard of Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement before than I don’t know where you’ve been. It’s been all over the news, it’s had 1000’s of reviews, and been promoted through the eye balls, every man and his dog has seen this fat burner.

Anyway, enough with the small talk, what you really want to know is; “is this the best fat burner for me?”

Here., well get in to that right away. But first, let me give you a quick look at what this fat burner all about.

Grenade Black Ops was created by a company called, yes Joe you guessed it – ‘Grenade.’ They started in 2010, and since then, you’ve gone from strength to strength as a company and a brand.

Who is Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement For?

Well that’s an easy one, anyone who want to use bodybuilding supplement to get lean, the biggest question is, “is it worth the money and will it work?” 

Quickly looking at the ingredients, I can see they have done their research, there’s some useful ingredients here that have been proven to promote fat loss – but! There are also some here that have very limited research to whether they will work.

Without further delay, let’s get into the ingredients and see how they work.

Main ingredients

Ingredients Summary

Okay, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, it’s the ingredients overview. Here I’ll look deeply into each ingredients and how it’s either going to boost fat loss, or nothing at all.

Here we go!

1.Caffeine – this is a no brainer. It works to simulate the metabolism and suppress your appetite, an round good ingredient that is good on my list of fat burning ingredients.

2.Taurine is a good ingredients, but not for fat loss. It helps to calm the senses, helping you to relax, but will it boost fat loss, no not really.

3.Cayenne – this is good as it creates a thermogenic effect in the body which means your body will have to work harder to regulate it ‘s internal temperature, thus, burning more calories.

4.Choline is an ingredient that works throughout the entire body to promote a positive energy balance, brain function. It’s also been closely linked to Vitamin B in the way that it can improve the body’s metabolism.

However, not much research has been done to prove that it stimulates fat loss to a larger extent.

Ingredients Under The Microscope

Chromium works to control blood sugar levels, increase fat metabolism, and increase lean body mass. However, these studies were only done on morbidly obese people.

What does this mean?

This means that if you are roughly 25% body fat there or there about, then it might not have a huge effect on your fat loss goals as it only work on people who are obese.

If you’re an avid gym going and you’re serious about dieting and training, it might not be enough to give you that edge you;re looking for. Hoover, it’s not all bad, it could still work to a small degree.

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Other ingredients

Some of the lesser ingredient in Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement are green tea which works to detox the body, coca extract and, works as a detox and helps the absorption of nutrients.

The there’s blue-green algae, an ingredient that is closely linked to vitamin B12 – basically, it’s a vitamin. As for the rest, there so small, you won’t even notice them, so I’m not really sure why they are there in the first place.


Start off by taking 2 capsules on an empty stomach when you first get up in the morning. Then take 2 capsules 30 minutes before lunch with water.

As always, to test your tolerance, start by taking 1 capsule twice a day for the first week.

Grenade says; “For an explosive workout, take 2 capsules prior to training.”

As always, it’s a good idea to always have water with you and drink throughout the day.

Pros & Cons


  • Trusted company
  • Safe ingredients


  • Little fat boosting ingredients
  • Weak formula
  • Not enough thermogenic ingredients

Side Effects

As there’s no none side effects associated with these ingredients apart from the occasional headache, upset stomach and jittery feeling from the caffeine, it’s a safe fat burner to take.

Overall, it’s fairly safe to take.

Conclusion | Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement

There you have it guys, an honest and comprehensive review of Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement.

It has some great ingredients that are good for fat loss, but in the other hand, others that are not so great – with limited research surrounding the results they claim they give.

One more thing, many of the ingredients are in very small doses, not really enough to have a profound effect on anyones fat loss goals.

chances are, if you’re overweight and looking to get ripped, you’ll need something that’s going to help you cut through the fat a in a more efficient way.

If that sounds like you, why not check out our Top 3 Fat Berners Page for a personal review of Instant Knockout, a fat burner that was originally designed for MMA athletes.

With all said and done, have you taken Grenade Black Ops Bodybuilding Supplement before? what were your results? I’d love to hear what you think.

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