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Fat Burner Max PM Review

Fat Burner Max PM

Fat Burner Max PM Here we have Fat Burner Max PM Review for you, let’s get into it!

It’s said to promote the following:

  • Improve sleep
  • Boost energy
  • Promote fat loss

Who is Fat Burner Max PM Review For?

It’s for anyone who want’s a cheap fat burner that is designed to boost energy levels, and promote fat loss.

However, its; not all that it seems, it’s made up of a proprietary blend.

Yes, it does contain some good ingredients that we’ll get into shortly.

But, how can we trust a fat burner when it doesn’t clearly state how much of each ingredient is inside each capsule?

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Main ingredients

Fat Burner Max PM Ingredients

Ingredients Summary

Number one thing to point out about Fat Burner Max PM, is that it has a proprietary blend, not something I recommend.

And why is that?

It’s because you’ll never know how much of each ingredients you’re going to have in each capsule due to the cocktail of ingredients.

Making it not clear or trustworthy.

As for the ingredients that are supposedly inside Fat Burner Max PM, they are:

Green tea – works to boost metabolism, reduce hunger cravings, and increase energy levels.

Green coffee bean – has been said to cut the amount of carbs/glucose that build up in the liver helping you to burn more fat as fuel.

Garcinia Cambodia – which has hydroxycitric acid which has been show to produce fat loss in rats, but when tested on humans, the results proved inconclusive – meaning it didn’t work at all.

Raspberry keytone – have been in the media for a several years now, but sorry guys, it’s nothing more than a useless ingredient.

The reason for this is they have only done tests in a test tube and not on humans as they are unable to due so due to its molecular limitations.

White kidney beans – these are great to help you feel full and cut hunger cravings.

Melatonin – works to make you feel good and boost your mood, but when it comes to fat loss, there;s no real benefit.

Ingredients Under The Microscope

Overall, the ingredients are okay, and even though there are ingredients here that don’t do anything for fat loss, I would have said it could be a good fat burner.

But, I cannot recommend Fat Burner Max PM due to the fat it’s made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients.

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There is no specific way to take this as there’s no directions on their website, but as a rule of thumb, take 1 to test your tolerance, then work it to 2 per day to stay on the safe side.


It costs $11.95 for 60 capsules which is a months supply depending on how often you use it.

Pros & Cons


  • Contains safe ingredients


  • Made up of a proprietary blend
  • Not enough natural thermogenic
  • Uses non-fat loss ingredients

Side Effects

There’s no huge side effects linked to Fat Burner Max PM, but as it’s made up a proprietary blend, you may want to approach this with caution.

You may experience headaches, upset stomach and nausea.

You’ll not know how much is inside each capsule, so take with caution.

Conclusion | Fat Burner Max PM

There you have it guys a full breakdown of Fat Burner Max PM. It looks okay on the outside, but its’ not the best one we’ve tested.

The reviews online are mixed with many people saying they experience side effects, and no results.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts…have you taken Weight Loss Control For Men, and what were your results?

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