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Elite Testo By Elite Health Review // Test booster or pre-workout?

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Elite Testo is a testosterone booster designed to give you a boost through the use of amino acids during your workouts.

Even though it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are directly linked to stimulating testosterone. Elite Health claim it can improve your test levels, especially those in men.

Elite Testo claims to proved:

  • More strength
  • Improves testosterone levels
  • Improves performance

About Elite Testo by Elite Health:

Elite Testo is supposedly a natural testosterone booster designed to increase test levels in men.

However, they have failed to miss out several important ‘main’ ingredients when it comes to stimulating natural testosterone production.

The main ingredients they have failed to include are, Vitamin D, D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Main Ingredients:

L-Arginine 200mg:

The main benefit of this ingredient is to support blood flow to all areas of the body.

while supporting the uptake of amino acids through the body.

Citruline Malate 200mg:

Citruline Malate helps to support blood flow, and reduces fatigue after, and during intense exercise.

However, it shows no signs of improves testosterone production at all.

Alpah Lipoic Acid 100mg:

Essential for aerobic metabolism, such as long bouts of excises, where you’ll feel the most benefit from this ingredients.

Just like the other ingredients, there is no support showing that this ingredient, or an other in this testosterone booster for men will have any impact on your test levels.

INGREDIETNS SUMMARY! Elite Testo is packed full of amino acids that are important for strength, recovery, and focus – especially during workouts.

However, Elite Testo does not contain some of the most common, and also most vital ingredient to stimulate testosterone naturally. Such as magnesium, vitamin B and D, and also zinc.

To see a testosterone booster that contains all of there – See my Testo Fuel review HERE.

Suggested Use:

Elite Health suggest to take 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast, and the other before a workout.

n non training days, the advise taking the second capsule with lunch.

To me, this is looking more like a pre workout than a testosterone booster.


Expect to feel a slight buzz, and a boost of energy from the amino acids.

I can only guess this company had a load of ingredients left over from other supplements, then decided to put them all in a bottle, and sell it as a testosterone booster.

Because, if you look at the ingredients, NON contain the most important, and easily available vitamin to boost testosterone – vitamin D.

Conclusion of:

Elite Testo By Elite Health

Most companies at least  try to add in testosterone boosting ingredients into their supplements. But it looks like Elite Health has opted to go down a different route.

I can honestly say that yes, some of these ingredients will possibly support some testosterone production. But no wear as close as you’d hope from a product named “Elite Testo.”

In that case, I would advise looking into other supplements that are designed specifically to boost your testosterone levels.

It does not even contain Vitamin D – the most important vitamin for testosterone productions.

For that reason, I’d suggest reading my review in Testo Fuel and see what happened to me after one month.

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