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Choice Supplements Acai Berry Review

Choice Supplements Acai Berry fat burner

Acai Berries have been touted as a superfood in recent years. For that reason, supplement companies started to come out with Acai Berry supplements to try and take advantage of their popularity.

Choice Supplements Acai Berry fat burnerLets make something clear: Acai Berries are very potent in anti-oxidants. That is why they are loved by the healthy food community.

But, one has to wonder: why is Acai Berry now being marketed for fat burning potential? Is there something special about Acai Berries that can boost fat loss? Lets take a look!

About Choice Supplements Acai Berry

Choice Supplements Acai Berry delivers 2,000mg of dried Acai Berries per day. This is split up between two capsules. One bottle of this supplement will last you 30 days.

The price for one month will only be about £5-6. This is a great price for a natural ingredient said to burn fat.

But, lets remember: Acai Berries are only well known for their anti-oxidant profile. What transfer do they have to improving fat loss?

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Ingredients Summary

The dried Acai Berry in this supplement is not an extract. It is simple 1g of dried fruit powder in each capsule. Here is the unfortunate truth about Acai Berries and fat loss: they simply don’t provide any benefits.

Acai Berries are a natural source of Resveratrol. This substance has been researched for fat loss potential. Here is the judgment…

Resveratrol is not a short-term supplement useful for fat loss. Instead, it may be effective as a long term, anti-obesity agent. What does this mean for you? If you want to aim to stop long term weight gain, Resveratrol may be an option.

So, if you are looking for a typical fat burner that can help you out within the next month or two, you are not going to be happy with an Acai Berry supplement.

Simply put, anti-oxidants should be the only use for supplementation.

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Pros & Cons


  • Great anti-oxidant profile
  • Very affordable


  • Just not enough potential for fat loss

Side Effects

Not many side effects are possible when supplementing with Acai Berry. The easiest way to know if you are going to see side effects with supplementation is if you get side effects from eating the berries themselves.

Conclusion of Choice Supplements Acai Berry

Acai Berries are great for overall health and anti-oxidants. For fat loss, there are many, many better options to choose from.

This just goes to show you, just because something has been seen as healthy doesn’t mean it has any positive effects on body weight or body fat. Never fall for something just because it’s a mainstream, popular ingredient. Do your research and find a product that has beneficial ingredients to really see the results you want!

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