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Here we have the best fat burners for weight loss and muscle building anywhere online. These specifically designed fat burners have been had picked, and personally tested to give you the best results when stripping fat and retaining your hard earned muscle mass.

Do you want to stimulate fat loss, and retain muscle mass while cutting? Who doesn’t?

We can only assume your answer was yes! Right here in out top 3 list we’ve got the very best fat burners for the job.

In our reviews, we only looked out for the following when running our tests:

  • How the fat burner performed with fat loss and muscle retention.
  • The quality of their ingredients & Where they are manufactured.
  • The history of the companies, and their online reputation. 
  • The cost and discounts available & Shipping / customer services.

It’s taken a lot of testing to get to this point, so you on’t have to waste your time or money. We only want you to get the best results possible – so feast your eyes on our top 3 fat burners for weight loss and muscle building.

Top 3 Fat Burners

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#1 Instant Knockout

best fat burners for weight loss and muscle buildingBy fat the best fat burner that we’ve ever tried os Instant Knockout. It contains carefully selected ingredients, all of which are non aggressive, and directly linked to stimulating fat loss and muscle retention.

Like all good supplements, the dosage is split evenly throughout the day in 4 doses, 1 capsule at a time. This ensures your body will absorb all of the key fat burning elements it has to offer.

Even though it’s a premium product, it still only costs as low as $1.5 per day! Now that is cheap for something so good!

We decided to choose Instant Knockout because of three things: The awesome results, the ingredients, and, the company reputation. 

  • Buy 3 bottles and get 1 month totally free with
  • Receive a free hand crafted workout plan for your goals with any bottle 
  • Company trust – you’re in good hands with a team of fitness professionals behind this world famous Fat Burner
  • Proven results – myself and my team, and thousands of others around the world have experienced testosterone boosting benefits with Testo Fuel 
  • Specially designed for bodybuilders and sports athletes

Instant Knockout contains natural thermogenic ingredients, and fat burning elements that aren’t found in other fat burners. That’s why it’s our number 1.

Another reason why it’s number 1 is because it doesn’t contain any aggressive or harmful ingredients. The makers of Instant Knockout have proven there’s no need for drastic measure when burning fat efficiently with their fat burner.

“Burning fat was easy with Instant Knockout. My energy was high, and balanced all day!”

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#2 Lean Mode

Not far behind we’ve got Lean Mode, and increasing popular fat burner that works in a similar way to Instant Knockout.

It contains natural and safe ingredients that dons’t over stimulate the body, while helping the body to utilise fat storage for energy.

The reason Lean Mode is number 2 is simply because of its ingredients. While it’s good overall, Lean Mode is lacking in some areas. Such as, not enough natural thermogenic ingredients to boost fat loss.

On the other hand, it will be ideal for anyone who doesn’t like stimulants, as lean mode doesn’t contain and caffeine, or aggressive adrenaline boosters.

Here’s some of the reason why we chose Lean Mode as our number 2 fat burner:

  • Company trust – reliable company 
  • Safe ingredients you can trust
  • Good testimonials 
  • Low doses of caffeine 

Lean Mode’s main ingredients are green tea, CLA, green coffee bean extract, and L-Carnitine among others.

Even though we like the ingredients inside Lean Mode (as so many fat burners are filled with dangerous stimulants) Lean Mode’s serving suggestions aren’t the best.

Taking 3 capsules once, or twice a day is not as efficient as Instant Knockout’s for example. But this may suite people who find it difficult to remind themselves to take capsules evenly throughout the day.

Lean Mode is great for people sensitive to caffeine, or for those who just want to take one serving a day!

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#3 The Ripper

best fat burners for weight loss and muscle buildingWith a similar ingredient profile to Instant Knockout, The Ripper fat burner ticks all of  the boxes when it comes to sustainable fat loss.

However, there is one drawback to this fat burner. It contains some ingredients that have no real benefit to fat loss. Some are great, while others seem to be there just for show.

However, it does come form a reputable company, and we do like 90% of the ingredients inside The Ripper, hens the reason for it being in our top 3. It also doesn’t contain and aggressive ingredients, another bonus for us.

  • Increase energy levels 
  • Boost muscle endurance and strength 
  • Raise the metabolism naturally 

Inside each bottle of The Ripper, it contains a months worth of servings, which isn’t bad given the low price.

Needless to say, it’s still a good fat burner for the price.

If you want to boost workout endurance and feel a quick energy list, then the Ripper could be for you.

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Why Use A Quality Fat Burner?

If you want to get ripped, increase your energy while on a calorie restricted diet, and retain the muscle you already have, then using a premium fat burner is the only way to go.

Using a premium quality fat burner will give your body everything it needs to support fat stimulation throughout your entire diet and training plan.

Inside fat burners (such as Instant Knockout) are natural and safe ingredients that have been proven to be safe, effective, and time efficient over, and over again.

Don’t waste your time or money when choosing a fat burner. If you opt for a cheaper version, you could be harming your body, and wasting your efforts. And we all know how hard it is to lose weight in the first place, so don’t delay the process by trying to cut corners.

Best Ingredients Found In Fat Burners

Not all fat burners are created equal. The ingredients, dosage, and quality of key ingredients are different in every fat burner. That’s why you need to know which ingredients work the best, and which ones could have harmful effects on your body.

Best Ingredients Inside Fat Burners: 

  • Green Tea – is full of catchins, which are linked to hormonal health, and detoxifying effects throughout the whole body. It also raises your metabolism, helping you to burn fat at a quicker rate. 
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – works to prevent the build up of glucose in the liver. Which forces your metabolism to use fat stores on your belly, thighs, arms i.e. your whole body for energy instead of carbs. 
  • Cayenne Pepper – is traditionally used as an ingredient in spicy foods. However, cayenne pepper works to raise your body’s internal temperature. Resulting in more calories burned. 
  • Piperine – works in a very similar way to cayenne pepper. It increases your body’s temperature to burn fat efficiently. It also helps you to absorbe nutrients and minerals into your body. 
  • Glucomannan – is a key element in fat loss. It’s a fiber that swells inside your stomach, creating a healthy feeling of fullness, which prevents you from overeating or snacking. 

Effects Of A Fat Burner

This all depends on which fat burner you choose, but ultimately, using a quality fat burner you will experience more energy, less hunger, and an increased metabolism.

Quality ingredients found in premium fat burners will work with your body to boost your slow metabolism, helping you to burn fat much quicker than diet or exercise alone.

  • Less body fat 
  • More energy 
  • Increased focus
  • Reduced hunger 
  • Boosted metabolism 
  • More stamina 

Taking a fat burner is no magic pill. You still need to exercise and diet to get the best results. But there have been studies which show that while taking a fat burner, you can increase your fat loss by an additional 20% than with diet alone.

Q & A

  • Can I use a fat burner with other supplements, such as a testo bootser?

    • Yes of course, taking a fat burner supplements, such as a testo booster will not impact your fat loss in any way. Just make sure all the ingredients are safe and FDA approved. Also… It’s a no brainer, if you’re on other medications, speak to your doctor first.
  • How long will a fat burner take to work?

    • You will feel the fat burner working right away. You’ll have more energy, with an increased metabolism. Expect to see fat loss results after your first week of dieting, exercise, and using a fat burner.
  • How much should I expect to pay?

    • You should expect to pay $35 and $55 for a premium fat burner . If you go lower than this, you may be wasting your money if you are serious about fat loss. Always remember,that if you really want your supplements to work for you, it’s often best to buy in bulk. Taking them long term will is a certainty you’ll see results when on the right plan. Often, you can receive free training manuals, along with free bottles of testosterone boosters when bought in bulk from suppliers like Instant Knockout – it’s well worth the money.
  • Will it increase energy?

    • Yes, 100% it will increase your energy. A quality fat burner contains caffeine, which raises your energy levels, and at the same time, stimulates fat loss.
  • DO I have to cycle a fat burner?

    • Fat burners aren’t like other supplements where you have to cycle them on and off for a period of time. They work for as long as you need them to work. Meaning, once you reach your ideal weight, you can stop using the fat burner, but that hasn’t stopped myself, or others form continually taking a fat burner all year to help keep the weight off.

Instant Knockout Results

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Quality fat burners may come at a slightly higher price, but they are worth it. Instant Knockout is a prime example. It’s been tested by professional athletes (MMA Fighters), and it contains a carefully selected ingredient profile that is guaranteed to help you lose weight when on the right plan.

On the other hand, we have Lean Mode, and The Ripper, which are both good fat burners for the money, being slightly cheaper in price – but will they work as good as our number 1? No, they won’t.

Why is that? Because some of their ingredients are at the same standard as Instant Knockout, and their dosage intervals aren’t as consistent as Instant Knockout. Which makes Instant Knockout our number 1 fat burner for long term fat loss, increased strength, and boosted energy levels.

So there you have it… the top 3 fat burners reviewed. The only thing for you to do now is; “go out there and choose the right one for you! Good luck!”

Our Number 1 Fat Burner is Instant Knockout

best fat burners for weight loss and muscle building

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