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BCAA’S Essentials

When you’re looking to work out and build yourself up, it can be handy to get your energy and nutrients from a variety of sources. Fat burners play I key role in helping to shift unwanted fat, and a balanced diet is always the first place you should consider looking to, it doesn’t hurt to also explore the natural boosting abilities found in BCAAs. Let’s look at how they can play an important role in building your body up.


BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids, and are typically taken together. They are three separate acids that, when taken in conjunction with one another, can help to provide a boost to your workout and muscle growth. This is a natural process and can be accomplished through diet, but many athletes look at supplements that focus on BCAAs to help them grow muscle faster than normal.


There are three types of BCAA’s; valine, leucine, and isoleucine. While you shouldn’t experiment with these on their own, a good nutritionist will have a balance of BCAA’s that you can take together. In other words, these three acids have been proven to provide a positive effect when they work together (almost like they work in a ‘chain’ if you will.)


The first acid is valine, which many doctors will tell you by itself does little for the body’s development. Valine has been shown to help with insulin bonding on its own, but when taken with the other amino acids in the BCAA combination listed here, it acts as a bonding agent for others. It also helps them to not only work together, but to make them more effective than they would be on their own.


Leucine is important for muscle development. It helps in synthesizing proteins, and also helps glucose absorption and uptake in your body. Leucine is critical in building muscle and breaking down carbohydrates and sugars, but for it to work properly, it needs to be combined with the rest of its BCAA chain.


Isoleucine focuses mainly on glucose uptake into your cells. In other words, it’s the protein that helps you to absorb fatty acids and then use them. This is why it is taken in conjunction with Leucine. One absorbs the building blocks you need to build muscles, the other ties these blocks to your muscles, and the valine helps hold them together so they can act in tandem.


Athletes who take BCAAs show a marked improvement in their overall muscle tone and fat breakdown. Granted, this is not automatic. You still need to work out regularly, but this treatment (when properly monitored) is used for people who are working out, but not burning at in an efficient way. For those that tend to hit plateaus, a doctor might look into a controlled amount of BCAA’s based on body type and metabolism.


Any time you are adding muscle mass and reducing fat, you are going to see some benefits. One of the biggest will be an increase in energy. As you break down more fat into energy, that excess will aid you in your workouts. Also, you will feel more alert, and notice your stamina increasing over time.

A second benefit is that BCAA’s help to reduce muscle breakdown. This is why many seniors are prescribed BCAA’s, as their bodies tend to break down muscle faster. With the added amino acid supplement, people who had a difficult time absorbing nutrients find that it becomes easier.

Finally, if you are getting more efficient at breaking down fats into muscle and energy, then you’re going to have an overall better exercise performance. You’ll find that you can get through routines easier, and that your body doesn’t protest as much as it used to.

When and how to take it

Earlier, we mentioned talking to a doctor. BCAA’s are the only amino acid chains not broken down in the liver. They go straight into your bloodstream, and can have an impact on plasma levels, growth hormones, and can lower lactate levels. If taken irregularly or too often, they can result in your blood sugar production becoming inconsistent, which can increase your risk of diabetes.

If you’re going to take BCAA’s, you should do so in conjunction with a steady workout. You need to have some outlet for your BCAA increase, or some positive way for your body to use the new things it has. The easiest way to do this is to consult a doctor and ask what level of BCAA is best for you.

All good things can be done in moderation, and BCAA’s are no exception. They are a great way of unlocking the natural potential of your body, and can provide you with years of healthy and happy living. If you think BCAA’s could benefit you, then consult your doctor and start on the path towards a healthier you.

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