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Animal Cuts By Universal Nutrition Review

Having the best abs on the beach and feeling those rock hard muscles and toned arms are all obtainable, especially with the right nutrition, supplementation, and training plan in place. 

But, not all supplements are created equal. Animal Cuts does have some ingredients that I would highly recommend to use. 

Having looked through this supplement stack, it’s clear to see that Universal Nutrition has gone all out and packed their supplement with a whole host of ingredients. 

Let’s have a closer look and see if this is the right fat burner for you. 

Benefits of Animal Cuts By Universal Nutrition

  • Boosts Energy Levels: Increased energy through the use of caffeine 
  • Increase Thermogenic effect: Heats the body by using stimulants and natural ingredients 
  • Brain Booster: Helps cognitive function by stimulating the brain
  • Diuretic: Gets rid of excess water in the body while detoxing

12350211-universal-nutrition-animal-cuts-42-packsThe thermogenic, and the metabolic complex have been designed using ingredients that the company says is specifically for “advanced bodybuilders in mind,” and “to produce dramatic changes in an athlete’s physique in a brief period of time.” They also claim that it’s…

“designed to stimulate metabolism and thermogenesis, training focus and diuresis, muscle preservation and thyroid function as well as providing added energy and suppressing appetite.”

“Ultimate Nutrition says, it’s ONLY “designed specifically with the needs of advanced bodybuilders.” So, chances are most people looking to buy this fat burner are not Ronnie Coleman or Arnold Schwarzenegger, I can safely say this will either provide over stimulation, side effects, or ineffective results. “

Yes! I would agree these ingredients have their merit when used correctly, as they could provide you with a shredded body, but, and it’s a big but! Only if a diet is in place with the right training program. 

You can always check out my top 3 fat burners here and compare for yourself. 

It’s not a far reach to say this supplement could help some people achieve their dream body and look good naked, on the beach or in holiday photos walking out of the water like Daniel Craig in James Bond. 

But, the sheer size and number of tablets contained in each packet are gobsmacking! This has been designed for heavyweight bodybuilders in mind, it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

Again, There’s no shortage of ingredients in the Nootropic Complex, it has 500mg of ingredients, that’s almost half of what most fat burners contain. Quite a lot when you think this s only one “complex” out of eight in total.

The number of ingredients weighs a massive 4,250mg when others only contain roughly 2,300mg and have been proven to work by top athletes. It just shows it’s not always the number of ingredients in the fat burner, but how effectively they’re used. 

One more point to note is, each complex in this supplement stack, I call it a stack because of the amount of tablets that is each serving, 8 in total. The ingredients are made up of a proprietary blend. Meaning, we will never know for sure how much of each ingredient we will receive if any at all. 



What’s Inside – A Closer Look

Thermogenic Complex 750mg

  • Caffeine anhydrous – A purer form of caffeine to stimulate and energize 
  • Kola Nut – Used to fight fatigue and depression 
  • Guarana – Adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress
  • Yerba Mate – Suppresses appetite and helps to lift mood
  • Raspberry Ketones – Targets fat cells to be used for energy 
  • Coleus Forskohlii – Increases testosterone 
  • Evodiamine – Heats the body to aid with fat loss 

Metabolic Complex 750mg

  • Green Tea Extract  Stimulates and lifts mood and burns fatty acids 
  • Oolong Extract – Increase mental focus 
  • Black Tea Extract – Stimulates and provides energy 
  • Coffee Bean Extract – Another stimulant to provide energy and heightened awareness 
  • White Tea Extract – Give a long lasting energy boost 

Thyroid Complex 350mg

  • L-Tyrosine – Raises thyroid hormone production 
  • Olive Leafe Extract – Reduces inflammation 
  • Salvia Officinalis – Heals ulcers and sores 

Diuretic Complex 800mg

  • Dandelion Root – Digestive aid and diuretic. helps to flush out water weight 
  • Uva Uris Leaf – Cures ulcers, but can cause serious side effects, such as liver damage, eye problems, and breathing problems
  • Hydrangea Root – Treats urinary tract infections 
  • Buchu Leaf – Treats infections inside the bladder and releases water from the body
  • Juniper Berry Fruit – Mainly used as a flavoring and helps alleviate stomach problems 
  • Celery Seed – Used to cure headaches, stomach problems, and increases bowel movements

Nootropic Complex 500mg

  • DMAE – Improves cognitive function helping the brain to work better 
  • Bacopa Monniera – Relieves anxiety and increase relaxation 
  • Xanthinol Nicotinate – Improves brain glucose metabolism. Improves short-term memory 
  • Huperzine A – Could improve memory and brain function 

Cortisol Inhibiting Complex 300mg

  • Ashwagandha Extract – Adaptogen to help relax the body 
  • Rhodiola Rosea – Adaptogen to increase mood and relax the mind 
  • SerinAid (copyright) – Improves memory and brain function 
  • Magnolia Bark Extract – Helps with anxiety and depression, helps to boost mood

CCK Boosting Complex 300mg

  • Ch-de-burg Extract – Helps to bring down fevers, viral infection, and other illnesses 
  • Apple Pectin – Acts as fiber to help with digestion 
  • Jojoba Seed – Has been advised NOT to ingest this ingredient as it’s meant to be used on the skin and hair ONLY

Bioavailability Complex 500mg

  • Ginger Root – Heats the body and provides god bacteria to the gut 
  • Cayenne – Heats the body and increases thermogenic effect for fat burning 
  • Grapefruit – No actual evidence that this ingredient burns fat, but the actual fruit could help to feel fuller after eating 
  • Quercetin – Mainly acts as an antioxidant to cleanse the body 
  • Naringin – Is a citrus, it could help cut through fat in the gut and intestine, but no prove that it will work at breaking up fatty acids for energy 
  • Bioperine – Helps the body to absorb nutrients 

Side Effects?

I would highly recommend that anyone taking this supplement do so at their own risk, the sheer number of ingredients (in an amount we will never truly know) could lead to serious side effects such as racing heart rate, headaches, stomach issues, dizziness, and a whole number of other serious side effects. 

The stimulants dosage is alarming at 750mg per dosage, and taking into account that is only 1 pill out of 8 in total, I would be very skeptical as to whether this supplement is safe or healthy for most gym or health enthusiasts. 

Key take-home points 

  1. Excessive amounts of ingredients 
  2. Proprietary blend 
  3. Possible dangerous amounts of stimulants 

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  • Uses ingredients that could lead towards fat loss for the heavyweight bodybuilder or seasoned pro 
  • Made by a trusted supplier 


  • Contains a propriety blend (not knowing how much of each ingredient is inside this supplement) 
  • Large dosage of stimulants that will cause issues for many people not used to taking supplements 
  • Expensive product 
  • Possibly unsafe ingredients for some users 

How To Use

It’s advised to take two Animal Cuts packs every day for three consecutive weeks.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy it for their own website at and other online stores such as Amazon and eBay 

How Much Does It Cost?

$64.95 for 42 packets of multiple complex tablets. 

My Verdict

From what I’ve seen looking through their ingredients list, there are some that will promote fat loss, but the number and the size of the dosage is incredibly aggressive. 

To counter this that have used other ingredients (again in large dosages) to create a calming balance that could effectively cancel out the main ingredients that supposed to be used for fat loss. 

Its main focus is towards advanced bodybuilders, especially those of a larger size. The dosage is 8 large pills, this could be too much to handle for some, especially as the ingredients weight a total of 4,250mg. Considering most fat burners contain half of this amount, it’s slightly alarming! 

Although, obtaining those rippling abs that shine in the sun, and feeling light on your feet with great fitting clothes on your back can be achieved, but, as this supplement is for the heavyweight and seasoned pro bodybuilder. I think most people could obtain their six pack goals in a much safer and healthier way.

I would only recommend this supplement to a very heavyweight bodybuilder who is used to taking more aggressive supplements, or sports enhancers. But for the average gym goer like you and I, I would suggest to have a look around and see other fat burners with a lower dosage and more natural ingredients. You can check out my top 3 fat burners to compare for yourself. 

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